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 The Galvesar Family Blade : Serpent Tongue

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PostSubject: The Galvesar Family Blade : Serpent Tongue   Sun Jun 23, 2013 2:03 pm

This is a request to add a weapon into the world of Ansgar not for Galvesar's own personal use merely to add to the lore and Relics page. The weapon is the blade of Zeriach Galvesar a long sword given to the head of the Galvesar family for Generations. 

Name: Serpent Tongue
Serpent Tongue:

The Serpent Tongue blade was Forged long ago with family crest of the Galvesar family ( The elaborate cross) forged into the weapons hilt. The heavy handle has aged brown leather wraps woven intricately but weathered from years of use. The end pummel has a small seal for the empire of Valmar but is barely noticable from a distance. The weapon's blade is large with crafted runes along edge and a secondary cross at the edge tip. It is solid in construction, both beautiful and deadly in design.

Type: Long Sword
Weapon Skill: The Blade has been baptized by the blood of elves and christened in a secret dark temple to Xyleth. While having no inherent flows openly with energy..the magical element of Darkness. This appears around the wielder as bright swirls of Violet vortex wind and blazing fire. These energies do no damage but glow brightly with demonic power. The blade itself is not Inherently evil...however years of dark masters and vile acts have certainly given it that conception. 

Weakness: It is rather thick for a long sword of its size and is terribly difficult to wield effectively in battle. Against one opponent the wielder may be ok but in a battle of stamina against groups of enemies the blade is troublesome to use effectively.

Centuries of wielders and murderous ambition have made this a blade to be feared in battle. The wielder is often considered evil... power hungry...or worse.

Its last known location before disappearing from history.
House Galvesar in Valmar

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PostSubject: The Galvesar Family Blade : Serpent Tongue   Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:08 pm

So long as it is lost in that topic mentioned. Its approved!

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The Galvesar Family Blade : Serpent Tongue
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