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PostSubject: Ayita Galvesar   Ayita Galvesar I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 09, 2013 8:02 pm

Galvesar, Ayita

Life Skills
Limit Breaks

Player Character

Name: Ayita Galvesar

Nickname: Forest Witch

Gender: Female

Visual Age: 35

Real Age: 30

Personality: Ever since she lost the ability to move at the age of six, Ayita has fluctuated from being aggressive and cruel to resigned and depressed. Her mind is hardly stable, as her own body has acted as a highly efficient prison that makes communication and expression extremely difficult, and she's existed in this state for the past twenty four years with no form of relief. The woman demonstrates loyalty, and to a degree, kindness to the man who has taken the role of her assistant, who seemingly tirelessly sees to her every need. To all others, she is most often unwelcoming and frigid, as she generally feels alienated by the fact that most people are repulsed by the severity of her nature.

The woman currently has no friends her age, her only friend being her assistant, and while she often suffers due to loneliness, Ayita is far more comfortable with her seclusion than she is surrounded by those that would treat her like a monster. She has learned to cope with her peculiar condition by listening to stories read aloud to her, or occasionally witnessing performances by actors unaware of her presence. Her love of knowledge has grown to be almost insatiable over the years, as she has found that learning about the universe quells the feeling of being trapped. Scents from certain foods and candles are also pleasing to her, as while she cannot eat food out of anything but a straw, the smells alone excite her and awaken her curiosity.

Unfortunately, Ayita is extremely needy, as she can't even move her head or speak - the only form of communication she can physically use is through blinking. This has been quite taxing on her assistant, who handles most everything without demonstrating his weaknesses, but is tiring quickly and intends to retire soon. The woman has not been informed of this, as the assistant is depressed greatly by it, and fears that Ayita will react violently when she is finally informed. His fears aren't without reason, as the last time she'd learned that he would possibly have a vacation and leave her with another, she was enraged, and the consequences from that were at the very least, unpleasant.

Appearance: Because of Ayita's advanced condition, she did not develop into an adult properly as most would. Her limbs shrank due to a lack of use, and her body appears horrific and fragile. Her hair is usually stringy lately, as the assistant has found it more and more difficult to tend to every aspect of her care, which has given Ayita a generally unkempt look. Her eyes are silver, often appeared glazed over, and combined with all of her other features, it's difficult to tell from a distance that the body in the chair is actually alive. The last clear picture of Ayita was taken shortly after her disease took away the majority of her movement, as the woman is fearful of being forced to see her own decrepit figure.

The woman is confined to a wheelchair, and this wheelchair hasn't had to change due to the fact that Ayita has hardly grown from the day she was first placed on it. She no longer wears the noble robes that are commonly seen on those with the heritage of the Galvesar family, and in fact looks closer to a peasant because she's usually clad in simple white or brown dresses. Her assistant is always mindful about including shoes and occasionally the necessary gloves and coat in the event that the outdoors are cold; while she does not walk, her feet can be damaged if left to rest on the footrests of the wheelchair for too long.

Ayita and Her Assistant:

Social Affiliation

Morality: Chaotic Neutral

Character Type/Race: Human

Country if Applicable: Harrogath

Character Statistics

Strength: 1
Speed: 1
Stamina: 4
Charisma: 6
Mental Endurance: 6
Mana Source: 6
Magical Power: 1

Character History

Background: Born as a noble into the Galvesar family, Ayita was the first and only daughter of Cassius and Yuname. The news of a new heir to the family fortune was nothing short of joy for the two new parents, as while Cassius was older than his brother, Zeriach, he'd sought to outperform him in every fashion, including the rights to the family wealth. Cassius and Yuname had been attempting to conceive a child for years, and just when the older brother and his wife appeared to be infertile, Ayita managed to turn the tables for that branch of the family. The newborn was spoiled, adored, and often showed off to the public of Draxia; her father event went so far as to introduce her and his wife to the paranoid king during a public event. To say that her father and mother were proud of the child would be an understatement, as even her future birthdays were celebrated with gusto.

Likely due to being extremely well pampered and having access to anything she desired, Ayita quickly learned the customs of the family, and often delved into myths and sciences that intrigued her. She learned to read and speak relatively quickly, soon constantly presenting questions to her parents, friends, relatives, and pretty much anyone else that'd hear her about why it was that ROR supposedly caused so many problems after Ucelle had managed to chase away the less pleasant motives of the other goddess, Xyleth. From what she'd read, it seemed as if the actions of the three led so many others to hate each other for odd reasons, and she couldn't really understand why it was that certain traditions involved harming others who'd caused no problems in the past.

It wasn't long before she had a basic understanding of her family and the land around her. The child had been educated on the matters of politics and society, as it was quite evident that she was ready to begin her training and become an official part of the family. It seemed that the only difficulty the family had in teaching their daughter how to act properly was when it came to the slaves; she was often found playing, hugging, and dancing with those considered beneath her, and she demonstrated far too much care and appreciation for those that helped her with various tasks. These acts were not punished, however, as Cassius and Yuname did not wish to teach her to mistreat the slaves either; it was merely discouraged, and they recommended that Ayita spend more time with human children.

At age six, young Ayita was on the verge of becoming a popular beacon of happiness and hope for everyone in Draxia, elf or human, as her dancing and singing was inhumanly beautiful - or at least her father claimed it was, and Ayita was too good mannered to earn hate from the majority of the populace. She danced out to the people, and the supposed gods and goddesses of Ansgar, as while she could not prove that the gods and goddesses existed, she hoped that if they did, her words and feelings would reach them. In her childish mind, she imagined a time when all creatures could be friends regardless of race, and she wished to heal everyone's pain and quell their anger through her smiling, singing, and dancing. While it was a fruitless dance to those who were consumed with the idea of racism and superiority, she often moved those who felt as if their lives were lost to hatred. For some, usually those trapped in slavery, Ayita brought them the peace of mind in that she would someday inherit the family wealth and power, that she could free those trapped, and possibly put an end to the monstrosity being committed to those of Gywenneth. There was promise of hope even for the Galvesar family.

This promise would not last, as just three months before she hit her seventh birthday, Ayita fell horribly ill. The first sign was during a performance, and the crowd's cheering turned into noises of shock and anguish when the little girl fell over, her legs locked, and she could not push herself off the ground. Being who she was, she completed the last few motions of the dance after being helped off the ground, hopping about with frigid legs, and was carried away after her performance was finished. As the disease worsened, Ayita always did her best to remain vigilant and cheerful, stating that she'd defeat it, and that she'd go right back to dancing after it was over. To her parents dismay, the disease never left their daughter, and she never defeated it; in the end, it only consumed her and everything she was before, leaving her as little more than a soul trapped inside a body of a helpless doll.

Years passed since Ayita's disease reached the point where she could not move even her own head, and the branch of family was forsaken from the rest of the Galvesar lineage. Her parents often attempted to handle the care that their daughter would need, but in time, hired an assistant to take her far away from their household and care for her. This broke Ayita's heart and only made her more bitter, as she realized that in this state, she was little more than an overwhelming chore that had to be bartered off to others. Her hate for her assistant was quite obvious despite the fact that she could only roll her eyes or blink in an irritated fashion, and it took quite some time for her to adjust to accept him and understand that at this time, he was the only friend she had left in the world.

The hired assistant had managed to make peace with her by talking to her as if she spoke back, reading stories, and even lighting candles that she'd managed to convey that she appreciated. He taught her a form of Morris code so that they could in turn, have two sided conversations, and even managed to purchase a little cabin far out in the countryside of Harrogath so that she'd be safe from the ever prying eyes of the locals. Despite her assistant's pleasantries and her love for hearing books being read to her, Ayita eventually fell to depression, and greatly wished that anyone, anything would end her life so that she could be free of her prison. The sadness quickly turned to rage, and eventually madness, as everything in her mind was for the most part, trapped, and no amount of blinking and eye rolling would allow her relief.

As madness consumed Ayita, a girl who once danced and sang praises to the world, people, and beings that oversaw it all, something did manage to reach those who she almost constantly begged. While no words were spoken, the goddess of wind, Furia, could feel the pain and misery afflicting Ayita just from her presence and the rage mixing in the air. Unwilling to cause any kind of problems with the other gods and goddesses, Furia held council with Ucelle, and they discussed how they might relieve this creature's pain without altering her course too drastically in life and angering the others. In time, they decided to grant Ayita two gifts to quell her pain and ebb away the hatred that had filled her once innocent mind; Ucelle, goddess of love, gave Ayita telepathy so that she may once again speak into other's minds and earn the power of friendship, greatest magic of all, while Furia, goddess of wind, gave her the power of telekinesis, so that Ayita may move and touch the world around her as if she too had the power of the wind. With her new gifts, Ucelle and Furia could only hope that the woman found solice in her life.

Being that the gods of Ansgar were as mysterious as they were powerful, Ayita was never properly notified of the changes. Instead, she continued to lay in silence in that chair, her thoughts racing out of her body as if she was trying to find a way to leave her physical form. She was unaware, but the hospital that her assistant often took her to began to have rapid complaints about ghosts in the halls, and people were terrified of returning due to the madness that seemed to possess the area. This outburst of sudden telepathic communication also led her assistant to begin having nightmares, and many of the locals refused to enter the forest where her cabin was located on the same misconception that it was haunted, and that a witch had moved in. It wasn't until Ayita had settled for a moment, and had began dreaming of the times when she was little and could dance did her assistant realize that the nightmares and pain were linked to the woman. He worked hard to keep her calm since then, ensuring that her powers didn't get out of hand and disturb the locals again.

Now, Ayita is thirty, and has a decent amount of control over her powers and the effects they can inflict on others. She is now little more than a rumor among the Galvesar family, and still remains in the same cabin that her assistant took her to many years ago. Her assistant has been advertising his position since he intends to leave soon, but this has all been done in secret thanks to the last time he mentioned having a vacation away from her, as during that tantrum, the locals were all forced to run in circles, screaming about the world falling apart around them. At the moment, she simply waits in usual silence, only "speaking" with her assistant - she does wish for more however, and wonders if she'll ever get to see the world despite being trapped in a wheelchair.


Family History: As her father was part of the Galvesar family, educated in all of their customs, and even partook of their traditions, Cassius was quite aware of the more cruel things the family did which made them appear as nobles and loyalists to the kingdom of Draxia. Unlike Zeriach, however, Cassius had a near perfect approval rate from his slaves and servants, as he was often quite kind and understanding with them. He had a tendency to treat them with respect, honor, and even forgiveness when they'd made some kind of a mistake. In his mind, being kind to even the dirt beneath his feat would mean that the slaves he owned would protect him in the event he was ever attacked, so unlike the paranoid king of Draxia, he would never have to be concerned about knives at his back. He also believed that 'fair' treatment of even slaves would earn him favor in the god's eyes, and that belief was only more reinforced when his wife, Yuname, gave birth to Ayita after he'd been told that he could not have children.

Like Cassius, Yuname also had her fair share in the dealing of slaves from Gywenneth, though her work and family dealing along the lines of revenge and hatred for the elves, as the majority of her close family was killed during one of the great wars by elves. She's well aware of the fact that the elves she currently has working for her did not harm her family, and likely had nothing to do with the war - instead, she sees her actions as rightful because the prisoners she keeps are considered spoils of war, and that they belong to her much like her family's lives now belong to the gods. She's rarely seen being actively cruel towards them, however, as her husband insists that everyone in the household be treated well, fed and cared for properly, and even paid on certain occasions. Her respect and admiration for Cassius forces her to listen, and Yuname often shows a kinder side around him and her child.

To the distaste of both Yuname and Cassius, Zeriach was hardly kind to Ayita despite her position as rightful heir to the family wealth. They often sheltered their daughter away from him, as Cassius realized that their once playful competition had turned into something of dread and hatred for each other. After Ayita fell ill, Zeriach was only more cruel towards their daughter, and when his first son was born, it was evident that Cassius and Yuname were no longer the next line of succession to the family. As Ayita became more and more decrepit, the branch of their family began to distance themselves from the mockery their other family members painted them with, and in time, disappeared all together from the majority of Draxia. They are hardly ever mentioned outside of hushed conversations where the Galvesar family talks about the shame and embarrassment Cassius brought to their history, and to this day live uncomfortably close to the borders of Mertuil in exile.

Family Crest:

The Crest of Galvesar:

Family Members:

Yuname Galvesar (Mother)
Cassius Galvesar (Father)
Zeriach Galvesar (Uncle - Father's Side)
Fillessya Galvesar (Aunt - In-Law, Father's Side)
Joshua Galvesar (Cousin)
Joshua's Eldest Brother (Cousin)
Joshua's Second Brother (Cousin)

Theme Songs

Casual Theme - Digital Root

Sad Theme - Morphogenetic Sorrow

Anger Theme - Chilll and Rigor

Combat Theme - Who is Zero

Limit Break - Unary Game


Alternate Profiles: N/A

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