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looking for fun finding the death of a dragon  AnsgarWordcount-2


 looking for fun finding the death of a dragon

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looking for fun finding the death of a dragon  Empty
PostSubject: looking for fun finding the death of a dragon    looking for fun finding the death of a dragon  I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 4:04 pm

Acis had left the town of mertuil a few days ago, and is starting to run out of water and food. when he sees in the distant a beautiful building. as he gets closer he can tell that it is the place he had only heard about. Xyleth's seduction he wanted to say was the name of it. even though he was not out in the desert looking for a vacation he would take it non the less he had heard that it was even free to eat and stay at, as acis got closer to the building their was people beautiful women standing out side like they was waiting on him to come up to them, as he got up to them they welcomed him inside and offered him some wine. the cup was made of silver and marble with gold lace around the trim of it, it was beautiful just like the hole place was. he walked on in and sat at the pool drinking from the goblet and enjoying him self. then as he was laying their they brought him out some food and more drink. He sat their and drunk and eat till he was full. after wards he decided that he had stayed long enough and probably would need to get going soon, but as he got up and made it to the door. the door was shut and locked and on top of that his sword had disappeared as well. he turned and their was no one their except for one of the women. he asked her were his sword was and why the door was shut and locked. she told him that once he was here he could never leave and he would have no need in his weapon for he was completely safe here. 

well not being one that to go easy and to just let some one take his sword he attacked, but just as he got close enough to swing his fist at her. she smiled and the floor gave way. trap door acis thought to him self as he fell and fell what seemed to be 30 feet. as he hit the floor he got up slowly and started to look around. he was in a pit filled with skeletons. he quickly start to move to what appeared to be a tunnel in the wall. as he got closer to the tunnel he could see a door. as he got to the door and opened it their was a trap and all he heard was a click and then flames came flying out of the door way. with nowhere to go he saw his life flash before his eyes, as the skin started to boil and burst off of his body, and he falls back into the pill of skeletons. 

acis had died.
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looking for fun finding the death of a dragon
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