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PostSubject: the green hijackers    the green hijackers  I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 10:58 pm

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Acin was in Harrogath traveling like normal just learning different things about different people. When he came across a carriage that had been ransacked. He ran over to see what had happen he didn’t know if they was attacked and people was still in it or if they had been killed either way he had to do something. He got over to the carriage to see an elder man probably in his fifties sitting on the ground leaning against the carriage. Acin saw that he was human and almost walked away when he heard the old man ask for help. Acin didn’t turn but stopped to hear what he had to say. The man told him that their was goblins that attacked his carriage injuring his horse that was pulling the carriage and killing the driver. He said that he could drive the carriage back to his estate but if acin could get back the medallion the goblins had took he would pay him for his efforts. Acin started to think about it then his pockets was starting to feel a little light and could use some more coin in them, but at the same time he could be just like the ones that killed his parents which made him want to kill this man or just kill the horse and leave him here for the wild animals to eat, but Acin was not like that he couldn’t do that to someone no matter how much they might deserve it.
Acin turned and told him that he would do it but he needed to know what direction they left in. The old man said that they went north and told him that he could find his estate south of here, and to bring the medallion their and he would be waiting with his reward. With that acin starts to head north looking for the goblin camp he knew that he probably couldn’t miss it goblins are not the most stealthy of the races or the smartest. After walking and looking around for a few hours he finally finds some foot prints that kind of look like they could belong to a goblin, but he wasn’t for sure but figured what the hell its worth a shot. He followed the foot prints for about another hour and finds the camp. Looking down on the camp from the hill about thirty feet from the entrance he finds that there is only about 5 goblins and the leader. It was a pretty small camp and started to wonder why the old man could kill them him self. 
Acin starts to walk down to the camp taking his sword off his back the 8 foot sword felt could in his hand he loved the way the sword felt in his hand. If it wasn’t so heavy he would probably hold it all the time. As he got closer to the camp the five goblins attacked him, as the first goblin came running at him screaming like a crazy person acin put his sword down and the goblin ran into the blade as it went through its gut. The next two goblins to the left of the first came running in with him, and caught the acins blade as the part behind the goblin got the first and the part before the goblin got the back. The next to goblins jumped on his back both landing a clean shot. All of a sudden acin burst into flames frying the two goblins on his back. 
Acin puts his foot on the one goblin that was still halfway up his sword and pushed it off. He then walks up to the goblin in charge you could say, and sees it wearing the medallion the old man was talking about. Before he could think the goblin had pulled out a spear standing at the end of it and stabbed acin in the leg. The goblin standing about eight and a half feet away was not in range for a normal attack by the dragon blade, but then the blade started to glow red and become a blaze as it grew another foot longer. Acin swung the sword cutting off the goblins head. 
Acin reached down and pulled the spear form his leg and took some bandages and wrapped them around the wound. He then reached over and grabbed the medallion putting it in his pocket. He then turned around leaving to take the medallion back to the old man after a few hours he made it up to the estate waiting out side of it their was a butler waiting on him he says that he was only instructed to wait another hour, and asked for the medallion. Acin gives the man the medallion as the butler gives him a pouch full of gold. Acin starts to walk away when he turns and says thinks for the work.
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the green hijackers
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