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PostSubject: The Green Hijackers (jbird)   The Green Hijackers (jbird) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 1:16 pm

Ard was walking down a side trail that stayed around thirty yards from the main road. He had found this trail on one of his adventures with his master not long before they had been attacked right across the border. The northern forests of Harrogath always had rumors of raids along the roads and thieves and brigands trying to steal and plunder from the travelers who used the roads.

Walking parallel to the main road ways Ard could still see the traffic of a few wagons or carts every now and then but today he had seen a large covered wagon ride by at a quick pace the wagon had a noble crest on the side and looked to be in a hurry. Strolling along Ard just passively kept to his pace he was not in a hurry to be anywhere just walking and wandering. He remembered an old adage his master would always say when he got impatient with their travelling “A wizard is never late my lad, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when needed”.

 Still stumbling on through the trail he stopped as he heard a large commotion ahead of him screaming and sword play filled the air. A quite rage built up in him as he recognized the sounds a raid of bandit must have caught up to the impatient noble who had passed him earlier. He hated bandits and before he realized it he had staff in hand running full tilt to catch up with action he could fill his magic building inside of him spurred to life by his hate for the thugs he sought out. Sprinting faster he was getting closer to the clearing  he came up short of the battle but when he could see the wagons all that was left were tatters and a group of wounded men mercenaries by the look of them all three were laying on the ground nursing wounds. Hidden in the tree line Ard sat and watched as a Rather plump man stepped out of the wagon still shaking with fear and shock. Knowing what this man had just experienced Ard went ahead and walked into the clearing with his hands high to show no sign of aggression. He approached the merchant and asked “Who did this and which way did they flee”? The merchant looked at him with shock still in his eyes and could only manage the word “Goo..bbl..ins” as he pointed south of the road. “Stay here they won’t be back today, you are safe for now I will come back soon wait for me and I will return”. At that Ard started towards the direction of the goblin retreat trying to recall all the knowledge he could muster about the creatures. Their haste in the retreat would not leave time for them to cover their trail effectively. About twenty feet within the trees a small dagger laid on the ground within tuft of grass which was pressed tightly to the ground, upon further examination Ard was able to find a thick dark substance which stained the ground one of the attackers was wounded and he would lead him straight to them rest.  

            Ard now having a solid trail to follow could pace himself he knew that the goblins would be stationed at a larger camp nearby. Before going any further he untied the rope beneath his robes and began to run it between his legs lashing his robe to his body so that it did not get caught in briars or bramble and so that it did not impede his movement through the brush. He had thought of this trick while in the below the mountains of Hammerstad and had used it many times since while hunting. Finding his trail he set out at a slower pace than normal but gained speed as he noticed that the light was starting fail him. As darkness crept upon him he came closer to the smell of fires and the faint glow of a light in the valley below him. He crept closer to the camps and noticed goblins everywhere there were by his count twelve of them. The encampment seemed to be a war camp as it carried several well armed warriors and five scouts who seemed to be on patrol along the borders. The rest were militia type fighters with no real training but numbers meant a lot when in battle. A single scout walked this way so close that Ard dare not even breathe. Then a slight idea crept into his mind when the goblin got within his reach he grabbed the goblin over the mouth, wielding the dagger which he had found earlier he silenced him. Taking the torch the other carried and searching the body did not take long nothing of use was found but the torch could come in handy. Quietly he walked crouched back down the hill just enough away to stay out of the main light of the camp and gave a heave of the torch towards the large tent in the center. The torch did not make it the full way but landed in wagon full of hay just short of the massive tent. Turning and running around the perimeter of the encampment Ard placed himself directly behind the wagon that was now beginning to catch fire. Goblins hurried all around trying to find out the source from where the fire came it grew to catch part of the tent on fire and started to spread to the hay on the surrounding ground. A line of goblins formed and started hurling buckets of water onto the tent trying to extinguish the flame no weapons were barred and all were focused on the fire at this time. Ard smiled as a plan came to mind, he stepped until the wagon was directly in line with line of goblins and he charged down the bank of the hill into the light of the massive fires he seized hold of the wagons pushing bars and with a heave he got it to moving the slight slope of the terrain aiding his effort. Now his cover blown he began to charge the long line of goblins hitting the first two before they could react the third almost brought his effort to a halt but before the wagon stopped completely he sent his magic out using it to finish pushing the flaming wagon through the remaining goblins scattering and burning everything it touched. Goblins ran ablaze off into the night while some lay unconscious from the force of the wagon. Still surprised that his plan had come together like that Ard stood in the camp looking about to find a target who was untouched. All of a sudden a push hit him from behind as he was sent forward and to the ground. Ard managed to roll out of the way of the goblin warrior’s sword that was aimed at his head. The sword planted in the dirt as the half burned goblin warrior yelled with rage and tried again, Ard quickly rolled and regained his footing before another attack could be sent. Now he withdrew his staff from behind his back and decided that his plan hadn’t worked as well as he thought. gathering his magic  he began to light the sigils on his staff and his body allowing them to hold his magic affront for him he charged the little bandit warriors remembering all those years ago and knowing all the people he must have hurt in his career. Parrying and striking became a quick game to the goblin throwing faints to bait the other into a misstep or wrong maneuver it seemed like hours what only took seconds but Ard saw that the blade was too heavy for this warrior and that downward strokes took more time to recoil from. Stepping forward Ard baited the goblin swinging wildly downward a savage blow that would have sundered limb from body if it had contacted. Ard stepped sideways at the right time and swung with all his strength and aided by his magic sent a blast right to the side of the goblins exposed neck a crunching sound announced the end of their bout and proclaimed the loser. Ard looked about relentlessly still searching for another attacker. A quick tally told him there were eleven bodies in the camp site and one on the hill where he had left it. He bound the unconscious goblins and searched the tents to find what was taken from the noble on the road. He found a small chest and a backpack valuable that bore the same sign that was on the wagon so he collected these things and set out back through the camp. Stopping only to peer into the large tent which was mostly burned and charred remains now poking in the ashes he found another body the twelfth goblin he had spotted dead amongst is greed.

It was about half a night back towards the road he made it as dawn started to break the tree lines he returned the valuables to the noble and marked the goblins camp on their map. “You make sure to get that to the nearest guard garrison and tell them what happened” Ard turned to proceed down the path he was taking earlier to find a nice spot to rest but before he could get out of the clearing The noble yelled a hearty “Thank You sir”! As he kept Walking Ard could only think of his master’s words “A wizard is never late my lad, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when needed”.
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The Green Hijackers (jbird)
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