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 Galvesar [Limit Breaks 1]

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PostSubject: Galvesar [Limit Breaks 1]   Tue Jun 04, 2013 4:37 pm

Character App
1. Odibilis Ira

Name:Odibilis Ira  ~Latin for ( Hateful Wrath )
Limit Break Level (1-4): Level 1

Description:  Galvesar after taking some damage ...will begin to awaken to the adrenaline of combat . Channeling his hate...his body flows with magical energy ... his mana becoming openly visible as glowing fumes of white emanate off his body. His rage takes over and he dashes with reckless abandon at his opponent Screaming in anger fusing his mana into his dagger and stabbing repeatedly (15 times) and rapidly expending mass energy to kill his target or  attempt to wound the opponent greatly with multiple stab wounds to overwhelm their defenses with pure fury. The blade is merely enchanted with the holy element but does no extra damage.  If the effect kills an npc or lower creature Galvesar will decapitate it in a gory display.. holding the dismembered head high in the air and shouting in rage before tossing it aside to glare at his next target with sadistic eyes.

The Magic glowing aura of white remains for 2 more posts after the move till he calms down but has no effect to his ability...   While in this blood crazed state he is focused on blood shed alone and is hard to reason with.

Weakness:  Tends to fair poorly vs heavily armored opponents. Also must be in dashing distance of the target. Also immediatly after using the rush attack Galvesar is somewhat unreasonable and full of rage and blood lust. using this move any more then 2 times in a thread will really tire him out to the point of collapsing of exhaustion.
Range: must be within 10 meters of the target otherwise the rush attack is illeffective and easily blockable.
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PostSubject: Re: Galvesar [Limit Breaks 1]   Sun Jun 09, 2013 1:10 pm

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Galvesar [Limit Breaks 1]
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