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 Joshua Galvesar

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~Galvesar , Joshua~

Life Skills
Limit Breaks

Player Character

Name:Joshua Galvesar
Nickname: None... other then the title of "Failure" bestowed upon him by his Father Zeriach
Gender: Male
Visual Age:18 appears sickly and deathly pale.
Real Age: 21

Weight:120 pounds Rather skinny for a male

Personality: Galvesar is mostly Quiet, Anti social, and awkward unless approached. If given the opportunity He warms up to most people rather quickly. Due to his isolation and depression in his childhood his young adult persona is rather docile...  devoid of motivation and enthusiasm in most responses in conversation. Despite his seemingly cold attitude where he can come across as down right snarky and judgemental. He is still first in line to help in a pinch despite his large lack of experience in any kind of combat or struggle. A Reject in his own rich bourgeoisie family. He has a incredible self esteem problem believing himself useless in just about any situation. His condescending remarks are not taken well and often the pale noble is seen as arrogant and selfish. Unaware of the true challenges of the world or its troubles. He can often bite off more then he can chew challenging beasts and opponents far beyond his ability~

He is judgemental and scornful of everything even to a irrational degree...but he does despite this care to strive for a greater good and save all he can. Joshua has a little.. GIANT violence problem when in combat. Even though slender and meek he tends to fight foolishly..and viciously aiming to do the most damage possible even at risk of his own life. When he becomes like this it becomes a problem as he quickly jumps over the line of worthy hero to cold blooded murderer very animalistic like in combat. If not kept under check. Humanity fades fast...Close friends help maintain his calm attitude and his caring heart. The most important being his elven Childhood friend. Maylia Evergreen is many things to Galvesar besides a love... She is the chains which bind him to sanity. Helping raise him...being a child hood friend and so much more.

When ever Galvesar walks the shadowy path of Dissension....Maylia is there to pull him back into the light.  Many acts of kindness reflect his love for her...his personality is night and day when she is before him. His seemingly eternal frown is replaced by a light hearted and warm smile of adoration. and his features calm, voice full of joyous laughter and emotions radiating a strange hope which power him through the hardest of trials as long as she is by his side.  Maylia has a strange ability to bring out the best in him.  

Likes: Infatuated deeply with Maylia and her struggles.. Making her happy makes him happy. Smiles, laughter and comradery.  Apples and cakes...the art of cooking. Magic theory especially holy magic taught to him from Maylia. The thrill of combat and the adrenaline that flows in his body awakening him from his normally dreary state. Art and painting. The feeling of helping someone or making others happy.

Dislikes: Anyone who gives Maylia a hard time for being a half elf. Those picking on the weak. Apathy and intolerance to suffering
When he shows cowardice at critical moments. His weakness.. Those who do not act when they should to change a bad outcome. Crying children... (It makes him sick he can't stand the sound)... Churches also make Galvesar inexplicably sick as well. Even though he has committed no wrong...he feels unease in holy places as large areas of populace can give him minor cases of vertigo as he is mostly used to being alone. Crowded places. and overbearing personalities.

Joshua Galvesar:

Appearance: The Draxian noble known as Joshua Galvesar is Frail in Appearance....Frail is perhaps an understatment From an outlookers perspective he looks like a ghost..or zombie.. He has no muscular structure to speak of....just a plain skinny frame with moonlight skin... pale and paper like far beyond the normal due to his time spent in the dark. The young sickly nobleman is only 5ft5 120 pounds. Barely in line with the average man his age He is often the subject of jokes and humour epecially involving his physical capablility. Physically he is almost a makes him extremely unpopular with females. He has unnaturally long waist length hair of a mysterious grey color in the bright sun it may shine a brillant white.. The hair often makes him the subject of jokes for looking like a girl from the behind...(he despises that) because of his hair color he is thought to be albino... His face is slightly thin with a unbreakable frown of hate which never seems to leave unless to be replaced by a insane malevolent smile. (often displayed when he loses control in battle) His eyes are a poisonous green sickly and sadistic (snake like) in every sense of the word. They reflect his serious and sinister nature when angered. He often stares into others like a snake studying them and glaring with intense distrust.

Often he will wear his long silver hair in a pony tail when traveling leaving only large front bangs to cover the sides of his pale sickly features.

Clothing :
The pale nobleman of Draxia appears at a distant as somewhat of a cross between a member of the royal court and a priest of some kind. wearing long obsidian robes of rather fine and thick cashmere fabrics. each symbol  in the outfit is elegantly woven. The top is adorned with symbols and writtings in the dark runes of Draxia. These letters carry no magic and a merely for elegance. his robes have been altered slightly with light shoulder pads giving him a more masculine appearance with broader shoulders. The stitched in raven black hard leather spaulders have crimson ruby gems incrusted with the fabric further enforcing his noble appearance. He wear plain black leather gloves showing off very little skin but that of his face. The belt which keeps the obsidian robes from free flowing is rather plain but it has the rugged pouch for his coins and a worn old leather sheath for his knife.

Appearing to others as a ghostly wraith of black cloth and flowing robes. The priestly garments he wears stretches down to his nearly his ankle.  He has knee high rough folded black leather boots which are highly durable in any terrain.

Fighting Style:
Very basic..Not well trained in any sort of combat. The most sword training he got was from Maylia or his father showing him the basics.  His style is rugged with feral bursts of energy and lots of stabbing. defensively he has very little good reaction to hits coming his way. often poor at blocking trying to ignore damage even with his sickly frame to try and bring down an opponent and quickly. the sight of his foes blood..or his own tends to trigger a deep rage and frenzy within well as a sadistic joy to end the life of his target. He is blind to how powerless and under trained he is to deal with the many and powerful threats in Ansgar.

Social Affiliation
Morality Good /Selfish
Character Type/Race: Human
Country if Applicable: Draxia

Character Statistics

Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Stamina: 3
Mental Endurance:3
Mana Source : 6
Magical Power: 6

Character History
Galvesar was born into a rich class family in the city of Valmar. He knew privilege at a very young age. Spoiled but also with a great amount of burden placed upon the young child. Much was expected of young Joshua from a very early age. His childhood was harsh. he was physically smaller then many kids and often bullied or worse.  The beatings got so bad the parents put the child through homeschooling.  It was around this time the silence started.

The pale young noble's carefree smile vanished and when not being schooled he spent much of the after hours alone hiding away in silence.. watching the world from his window. A large depression set in and his parents became worried. Tapping the only sources they knew of they sought to give Josh ...a childhood friend.. but also a companion..and somewhat of a caretaker. Fillessya Joshua's mother was quite cleaver...fetching a slightly older female elven slave. Her role was to be twofold to bring young Joshua out of his shell and to aid in his caretaking..being older she would help him grow into a fine young man.

From the moment Maylia Evergreen entered his life... and he first stared into her somewhat scared and lifeless eyes something seemed to awaken within them both. As if an entire new world had opened up before their very humble existence. From then on They were inseparable spending many a days outside playing and enjoying one anothers company with a carefree and beautiful image of the once ugly world. Even the dreary streets of Valmar seemed alive with joy as they ran down street to street chasing one another and laughing many summers away.  Joshua's parents were relieved with just how effective Maylia was...she had brought him back from the brink of total shut down.  The majority of  his childhood mirrored this reflection of happiness and for a time Galvesar's parents even treated her as one of their own. Galvesar even taught her how to read and write..and in turn Maylia parted some of her knowledge of Holy magic which the young noble was more then estatic to learn. He dreamt of becoming something far more then a noble person in the courts.. he wanted to make physical change in the world. This was short lived.

 The passageway into young adult hood paved many problems. It was expected of young Joshua' to join the Draxian elite arms and put forth the standard years of service... both of his older brothers had already done their military duty and had moved out making successful businesses for themselves in Valmar. Joshua's Father Zeriach beat him harshly.. when he was rejected from the entrance examinations. He was quite a sickly kid and many observations from priests and doctors has drawn evidence that his life may be limited compared to others as he seemed plagued by an unknown disease. It was minor at first. unnoticeable as a child already because of his inactivity. but in his young teens occasionally he would cough up small bits of blood. His weakness and frailty had earned him the title of "Failure " so kindly bestowed by his older brothers and kept up by his own father.  

This was the first time Joshua ever stared at his own personal savior with any kind of hatred. Why could Maylia live for so long...past his own existence?...while he would live a shallow and short life, die and rot away into the sands of time ...(unfair).....(cruel)...(merciless).... He wanted to live on with her. What grand design was this?...what sick joke..would flash a true happy ending for him..and merely mock him with the possibility.

Joshua had failed as a true heir to the Galvesar lineage. At this point he like Maylia was often beaten...Violently Zeriach spared no expense or effort in making sure they both knew there place. They would find solace in each other. Maylia was stunningly beautiful to him...such that it scared him.... he often had trouble maintaining eye contact with her as often he would lose himself in her presence eating gaze.  She couldn't help how truly divine she was.  Their friendship has blossomed fully into love.  When all was lost and it was likely his purpose in life would be servitude to his brothers as the black sheep of the family... Maylia was there for hold him up.... to make him look away from the ugly reality of the world and focus on her... and as he fell deeper and deeper into her enchanting stare A thought evolved ...small at first...but one which screamed rebellion against the cruel forced fate of his own heritage.

Their final years into adult hood were torturous when they weren't alone together. Often facing ridicule and beatings if they spoke out of line. The house became a quiet silent staring war of hated faces. The parents barely spoke to them anymore and often ignored them going out to fancy elitest socialite parties and upon returning home often drunk more yelling and violence would ensue. What more could they do but withstand the pain to exist in the only home they knew...a corrupt horrid home....but a place to belong none the less.  The Hatred was building..and the abuse had to stop.

Somehow....some way His mind was made up Galvesar would take Maylia and escape....and together they would form their own life and adventures one devoid of expectations from anyone but themselves.  The feeling he got when he stared endlessly into her eyes and smiled was the driving force which made him feel beyond any consequence. He would bring Maylia happiness

....... no matter the cost.

Family History: The Galvesar's are well known slaver lords in the land of Draxia they have built their fortune on the backs of the elven kind they have slain and sold. The family name is despised in Gywenneth spoken and spat at the same time with just abhorrence. The Family has been around for generations and even participated in the great wars. They are loyalists to the twisted King of Draxia.

Family Crest:

Family Members: Father(Zeriach, Mother(Fillessya), Two distant work orientated brothers and Ayita Galvesar distant relative by blood.

Theme Songs
~Regular Theme~
~Battle Theme~


Alternate Profiles: None

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