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Kanji [Abilities 2] AnsgarWordcount-2


 Kanji [Abilities 2]

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PostSubject: Kanji [Abilities 2]   Kanji [Abilities 2] I_icon_minitimeTue May 28, 2013 10:13 pm

Character App
1. Wings of Furia
2. Cloak

Name: Wings of Furia
Description: Through control of the wind a mage can fly through the lands of Ansgar. The duration for this spell is 1 post with no cooldown and a low mana cost.
Weakness: Casting other spells while flying is incredibly difficult, requiring twice as much mana as normal.
Range: Self

Name: Cloak
Description: A spell often used by thieves which cloaks them in a chameleon like
fashion making them about 75% invisible. It is not impossible to see them
but a great spell for escape and infiltration especially at night. Cloak lasts for 4 posts with a medium mana cost.
Weakness: Does not muffle the sound of the user.
Range: Self
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PostSubject: Re: Kanji [Abilities 2]   Kanji [Abilities 2] I_icon_minitimeFri May 31, 2013 9:06 pm

Kanji [Abilities 2] Approved
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Kanji [Abilities 2]
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