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PostSubject: Maylia Evergreen    Maylia Evergreen  I_icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 4:30 pm

Evergreen, Maylia

Life Skills

Player Character

Name: Maylia (May-Lee-uh) Cadia Evergreen
Nickname: May
Gender: Female
Visual Age: 21
Real Age: 24
Maylia is compassionate, motherly, friendly, and selfless as well as ditzy, klutzy, and forgetful; also she has a lot to complain about but rarely ever does as she doesn't want to cause anyone grief (this is just her nature not just the fact that she's a slave). Naturally she's learned to be submissive before authority, quiet when being punished, and she'll never look anyone straight in the eyes. She lacks confidence in herself but is always willing to motivate others when she can.

May is protective of her loved ones but lacks the strength to back up her feelings, so she tends to get beat down a lot. She never gives up and is always trying to look at the bright side of things even when all hope seems lost (this is because she believes that if she doesn't look for the positive the negative would destroy her). Despite this optimistic behavior would suggest, May is very quiet and appears sullen when in a bad mood (this is likely due to her submissive side)  

Dislikes: raspberries, snakes, dark magics
Likes: love stories, animals (especially birds), pickles


Social Affiliation
Morality Good  
Character Type/Race: Elf/Human Hybrid
Country if Applicable: Draxia

Character Statistics

Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Stamina: 4
Charisma: 0
Mental Endurance: 6
Mana Source: 4
Magical Power: 2

Character History
Maylia was born in a large bustling town close to the capital in Gwenneth. Her mother (Cadia) was an elf and her father (Vor)  was a human body guard from Mertuil; they met when her father and a group of nobles from the desert lands were making a journey across Gwenneth in order to discuss their peace treaty with the elven king and queen.

When Maylia came into existence, her parents, knowing what sort of uprising a half-breed elf/human would bring to either society, tried to keep her a secret. The elves already distrusted her father and had practically shunned Cadia socially for being in love with a human...they didn't want their daughter to suffer a terrible fate. Unfortunately hatred has no blindness, and Maylia was discovered when she was 3 while playing with a dog that had wondered into their yard.

The elves, though tolerant with much, stood for peace and beauty. To them a half-breed was not a symbol of love but of vile trickery and dark magic so they cursed her before Xyleth and banished their family from Gwenneth civilization forever. The Grand Wizards even promised that if she ever took up magic, they would kill her the moment it came to their attention.

Unable to come to grips with leaving their home, Cadia and Vor settled on the eastern borders of Gwenneth and began to build what would soon be a small refugee camp for others like Maylia to live. Surprisingly there were several others who heard word of the camp and soon the Evergreen family had found a peace for their family they hadn't known yet. Things actually were better without the pressing distrust of their relationship burdening them constantly and the friends they made were real and kind.

Maylia grew up here, in small tents surrounded by loved ones and their caring arms till she was 8 years old; that's when everything took a dive for the worst...and unlike before there didn't seem to be a silver lining.
Draxian slave traders looking for young elves for their agility, strength, and easily modifiable personalities, were passing through on their way to more well known towns to the west of their little camp and unfortunately wandered right into them instead. They were "Easy pickings," banished souls with no one to come looking for them, no government to protect them, and already used to the harsh reality of the world. So naturally the entire village was pillaged for worth, those who were too old or too young were killed, and the others were loaded into tiny wagons or chained to the back and taken away to Draxia as slaves.

The young children, such as May, were transported to the capital of Draxia (no one knows where the adults where shipped off to and Maylia never saw her parents again after this) where they were sold in the black market with at least 100 other children of all races. A large, intimidating man bought Maylia who was easily the tiniest of all the children despite being one of the oldest, and dragged her to a huge mansion somewhere in Draxia City.

Scared, sore, and heart-broken the man, known as (name here), threw May into a harem with 4 other girls looking more sallow than she'd ever seen and covered in bruises; one was even chained to the wall. She was greeted by them once Zeriach left but nothing more came out of their mouths, and if they did speak it was always insane muttering, so May found her little nook and cried.

The next day the man came back and called for her, he took her across an incredibly exquisite home (though very dark and dreary) and into a large room where there was a young boy sitting on his bed playing with a wooden toy. Zeriach introduced the boy as his son, Joshua Galvesar, and explained to both of them her further duties as Joshua's personal slave. May listened silently as Zeriach explained to his son what to do with her but yelped in pain and cried when he smacked her across the cheek in order to demonstrate how punishment worked and how Joshua had the right to do this or worse, should she not follow an order.

Fortunately, the apple seemed to fall far, far away from the tree. Joshua and Maylia were practically inseparable (and not in the way Zeriach had intended) from the moment he handed her his toy and asked her to play with him. They spent every moment together playing outside, pretending to sword fight in his room, making trouble in the kitchens, she even curled up in his bed every night. As they got older Joshua brought back all his school books and taught her to read and write, when they went outside and the Draxian kids picked on her he'd stand up for her and protect her (even though he was smaller than most of them).

His father continued to abuse and punish her when she did "wrong" and when she began growing into a very attractive young woman the abuse spread to his chambers as well. Because of this, Maylia would often return to Joshua bleeding or crying and he would console her and treat her wounds. He became her rock in the chaos of her slavery, and as they reached young adulthood together, playmates turned into lovers. They fell head-over-heels for each other but May wouldn't let it go any further than kissing because oppression taught her long ago that she was not to fall into passion for bad always came from it. Their romance was forbidden but it offered May a glimmer of hope and so she couldn't just let go and sink into despair like the girl's from the harem.

Family History: N/A

Family Crest: N/A

Family Members: None

Theme Song:

Alternate Profiles:

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