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 The Necromancer's Art Studio~!

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PostSubject: The Necromancer's Art Studio~!   Sun May 26, 2013 3:48 pm

** a torch lights a musty old crypt as Joshua the necromancer enters in a creepy stride to the old Tales from the crypt keeper tune and has a seat on a make shift altar / art bench**

"Greetings guys and ghouls .... when not trying to cause the genocide of mankind.. I like to draw...and I take requests! so if you like what you see and got a character you want to feel out a design for I'd belighted to take a (stab) at it
((Thread may take awhile to load pics))

now that the formalities are out of the way some pics for fun :D

Joshua's The Necromancer's character art

with bone wings

in a black pool of undead

a couple facial expressions for the death mage including one with him having half a face :D

a demon I made up

the same demon close up

some death knight chimera thing I made a while back

another picture of same death knight

a crazed berserker man

Josh the necromancer surrounded in death/soul energy

super zombie built of smaller zombies :D

A arch demon grim reaper design I was messing around with :D

A nifty looking deathknight berserker cuz the world needs more em :D

My visual take on a blood golem

A skeletal mage lich

a design for Josh the necromancers undead

Josh's Daily life clothes!

The vile Symbol of Joshua the Necromancer

Tyrael the Arch angel from Diablo (my alt character)

Never enough death :D

A priestess character npc I designed for an Anima Rpg I was working on a campaign for

Same priestess in some angelic armor I was messing around with

A psychic warrior dude also created as an npc for said same roleplaying campaign
lol has the stereotypical badass scar XD

A pyschotic battlecrazed general with ornate armor and the whole dark knight thing goin down

another take on the angel armor which has some futuristic touches to it

A more full armor....almost robotic angel type design so much going on in the picture its hard to get the concept though.. very space age-ish

Galv crouched and looking sinister....just what you'd expect from the crazed necro XP

Galv looking all bored on his throne of dead bones

Creepy slouch mania

A young adult before death claimed him

Nanotech knight i was designing as a character idea

further details on said Nanotech knight

A concept of the suits Minimized form i was working out

I designed these modified zombies as sort of creepy demonic corpse collectors with giant long arms that drag the dead back deep underground. i imagine these beasts as blind with heightened senses of hearing and smell XD nocturnal hunters of the deceased

I never did draw Galvesar's book of Xul Tegas.. so i drew it up in a blood fountain with soulfire cause its METAL XD

a pic i drew awhile back of Galvesar being his creepy self XD

My character Gryphix from Hitman families forum lol miss that guy XD

Gryphix's combat frame form ... awww yeah XD!

close up of Gryphix's combat helmet

Raumulus's Bad arse infernal form

Another pic of Raum's infernal form

Another pic of Raumulus the crazy scientist being rad XD and messing with radioactive material like you know a made scientist would!

Finally a more descriptive picture of Galvesar's Xul Tegas form

a close up of the Galvesar' Xul Tega's mode....angry soulfire XD

Hatako Yui

Hatako Yui [Corrupted]





Galve shadow eyes

evil corpse torch in Galv catacombs

tortured hanging corpses in Galv's Catacombs

Gryphix carrying a missle



Triax Dropship

Gryph having a cold one

Surge looking like hes gonna fry ur aZZ

The LCM warship.. the Vox

Hatako Yui

Lance. looking mad at the sky~!!! cause its raining....or birds....damn birds..

Xul Tegas cult minions ... Creepy masks stitched together body parts... awesome XD

The Order of Xul Tegas lives... beyond the veil of life and death at the dawn of the Endwar~!!

"CYYYRRRRIIIIILLLLLLLLL~!!!!!!!" - Xul Tegas mode again

The Black god...

Chibi Galv :O

Azmara being all rad and evil~!!!!
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The Necromancer's Art Studio~!
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