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The Black Knight
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PostSubject: The Black Knight    The Black Knight  I_icon_minitimeThu May 23, 2013 7:55 pm

Galeb'Duhr "The Black knight"

LIfe Skills
Limit Breaks

Player Character

Name: Galeb'Duhr
Nickname: The Black Knight
Gender: Male
Visual Age: Unknown
Real Age: 750
Height: 7'1
Personality: He is a being of madness and destruction limiting his rationality and ability to think. He gives off nothing but murderous intent and the thirst for blood, his deep hatred radiating out from him enough that he can easily be sensed even when he is hidden. He is able to battle with finesse due to his martial prowess. Even out of combat he has no rationality of good and evil his only true goal is death and destruction. But under some circumstances people can hold a conversation with him but its only people he deem worthy enough to hear his voice. Other than his one track mind to kill others Galeb'Duhr can be sociable but mainly when he isnt in combat. He hides either in taverns or under trees to avoid contact with others. But during combat he loses all sense of right and wrong and will enter a berserk like state of mind killing all who he sees.

Galeb'Duhr is a robust man fully clad in pitch-black armor and a rustic helmet with a thinly carved slit displaying the ghastly glow of his eyes. The armor is the work of the delicate and nuanced workmanship of its smith's utmost effort, succeeding in granting it an air of formidability and a fine construction. It is a perfect armor that can be called neither exquisite nor crude, and it instead perfectly melds magnificence and functionality. It is carved with countless marks and scratches, the highlights of his various military exploits etched into it to add a touch of valor. It is an ideal battle outfit that all knights could not help but envy.
During life, he was an ideal incarnation embodying the true face of a "knight." But he had the personality of a madman slaughtering entire villages of people and taking over most of the countries surrounding his kingdom, dubbing him the Black Knight. Even in rebirth as a soul bound to armor he still is a sadistic murdering machine only hatred and anger drives this beast of metal. His body constantly emits a dark shroud of shadows which gave him the nickname "The Black Knight".

Social Affiliation
Morality Evil
Character Type/Race: Soul possessed Being
Country if Applicable: None

Character Statistics

Strength: 6
Speed: 4
Stamina: 6
Charisma: 1
Mental Endurance: 1
Mana Source: 4
Magical Power: 4

Character History
Background: Born many years ago The Black Knight or as he was known back then Galeb'Duhr, this child was born into a family of knights and was to be trained as one the moment he reached the age of 5. His training went well as he mastered the arts of swordplay and mostly any other weapon he held. It seemed Galeb'Duhr had a knack for using any weapon he held but the one he was most deadly with was a longsword. His skills with this blade was rivaled by none even when it came down to his first time on the battlefield. He showed a love for the slaughtering of others his mind seemed to lose all rationality entering a berserker like state on the battlefield. Even as the battle ended and many laid dead by his hands the boy seemed to want to kill more even to the point of killing off his allies then even to his own family. AFter this guesome act of genocide Galeb'Duhr searched out many battles occuring and took part in the slaughter killing all in his path. In doing this a rumor spread of a man clad in Black Armor appearing in the middle of battles and slaughtering all in his path no one seemed to live his onslaught and those who did were never the same upon seeing the beast clad in black kill there enemies and friends. The name they gave him was the black beast a being hellbent on death and destruction he even had people following him raising a banner in his name. Galebs army marched through the country of Lorcaan destroying all cities they crossed and killing those who lived in them women children it didnt matter in the eyes of Galeb'Duhr.

His march of blood and death lasted a few years before the united races of Lorcaan made an army to combat the Black Beast and his army. There army consited of the drawves, elves and even humans willing to see the end of this mad beast.  They met in the north, Hammerstad being the final battle of the Black Beast. The battle raged for almost 2 days before one great warrior managed to fight Galb'Duhr in a one versus one this man seemed to be able to keep on the level of the Black Beast and his inhuman like of fighting. But this man seemed to be better as he managed to hit a fatal blow on Galeb causing him to fall to his knees and drop his blade. The man grabbed Galebs blade and drove it deep through the black heart of Galeb'Duhr killing him instantly. The man left Galebs body in the place where he was struck down showing disrespect for the mad beast who brought terror upon the country. Unknown to Galeb'Duhr this man who slew him was a great king of man but this was lost to the ages as the Black Beasts armor stayed in place his sword drove through his chest.

Seven hundred years later darkness struck the land a darkness from the Godess of Darkness Xyleth. It spread to humans corrupting them and spawning many sorts of evil creatures into the world. This darkness reached the now empty armor of Galeb'Duhr and before it Xyleth appeared she had an interest in the past and even loved the death the man known as the black beast brought upon Lorcaan. She summoned up the mans soul from the pits of the underworld and implanted it back into the armor. Before leaving she left with these words "Bring forth destruction and death once again my dear black knight". As those words echoed into the darkness a eerie black smog emitted from the empty armor and a demonic red light beamed from the eye slit. The armor began to move slowly the hand gripping the blade stabbed through his chest and removing it. The hole sealed up seconds later as the hollow mass of metal rose roots and plants ripping from his frame. The beast roared with anger and joy as he knew he now had a second chance to revel in the death of others and soak his old blade in the blood of the innocent. To this day the rumors spread of a knight cloaked in a fog of darkness entering battles and slaughtering all the ones who managed to survive were driven insane from the monstrous visage they saw. The only words they could say before never speaking agains were "beware the Black Knight".

Family History:

Family Crest:

Family Members:


Alternate Profiles:

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Knight    The Black Knight  I_icon_minitimeMon May 27, 2013 4:44 pm

hahaha let the slaughter begin XD

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