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 Universe Genesis (yep the ON button )

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PostSubject: Universe Genesis (yep the ON button )   Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) I_icon_minitimeMon May 20, 2013 10:56 am

I managed to get a decent dose of scanning done tonight... so part 2! I forgot how god driven the worlds of Ansgar were!?

The Beginning...

In the deep black of nothingness...One being was...One being has been...and always shall be...He was Unilos, The Sentinel of Time, as he is known. Unilos had battled against an unknown force and though victorious he was weakened and for the first and last time in his existence...Unilos broke his oath of absolute neutrality. The seeping energies from his wounds flowed forth and in their chaos formed much of space and the vast galaxies. During his wounded state Unilos had split apart. He was no longer one, but many. Later, his various forms developed their own personalities, they were him..and not him.
In time these other entities born from his splitting gave themselves names.

"Gods" Unilos called them all, and the most dominant personality was ROR. ROR contained as much power as Unilos if not more... Also he possessed emotions and morals he was the largest fragment of his body. One day, ROR in his never ceasing boredom created a world, "Ansgar" in which to govern, leaving Unilos the other galaxies to watch. Again the Sentinel of Time disappeared into the void wishing to have no part in ROR's games.

ROR took no time quickly assigning Unilos' lesser counterparts roles. ROR became known as the god of light and Virtue and Life. Ucelle became the Goddess of Love. Xyleth was the goddess of Darkness. Naune the Goddess of Water Furia the Goddess of Wind and Nature Volvagia the Goddess of Fire. Molbaine the god of Earth. Born from ROR, Turpar God of lightning, and born form Xyleth there was Galgamorth God of Destruction. All was well.. until the one known as Xyleth split apart from ROR over a dispute of the charms of the Goddess Ucelle. The gods for the first time were truly divided. Xyleth swore a never ending war against the world of Ansgar which ROR had come to love so much, and so the Great conflict of the gods had begun...

SO Without further ado.....

Unilos Sentinel of Time
God of Time, Space, Everything. A True Neutral force... never interferes in anything

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Unilos

God of Light Virtue and Life
Move over Zeus ROR is a god which takes all things light heartedly

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) ROR

Goddess of Love and Beauty Second to ROR
Kind hearted, always forgiving detests violence and often annoyed by ROR

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Ucelle

Goddess of Darkness ,Terror and evil
RORs ex-wife bitter and controlled by emotions Mostly hatred and will to destroy all ROR holds dear.

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Xyleth

God of Chaos and Anarchy
Created by Xyleth and Second only to her
Death is all he brings to Ansgar

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Galgamorth

The Elemental God of Earth
Three personalities of Grumpy old men govern earth

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Molbaine

The Elemental Goddess of Fire
Young Hot tempered youth who defies authority... uncontrollable like the element of flame

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Volvagia

The Elemental God of Lightning Son of ROR
True to his father Turpar is a showoff and conceited of his own power

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Turpar

The Elemental Goddess of Water
Bitter, Sarcastic and cares only for the oceans which she governs

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Naune

The Elemental Goddess of Wind and Nature
Ever powerful sweet and Warming

Universe Genesis  (yep the ON button ) Furia

These are the main gods and goddesses..but more do exist .....
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Universe Genesis (yep the ON button )
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