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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes AnsgarWordcount-2


 Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes Empty
PostSubject: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes   Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 17, 2018 1:05 am

The first day of class! Homeroom first class of the day after having moved in just yesterday it was to be expected the next day would be school. Of course the first day everyone was a little excited except Chris. He was working his hardest not to get antsy or to get too jittery. It wasn't working very well, but he was still trying. Sitting at the back next to wing boy and behind everyone else, he was watching as people filed into the room. Finally, their teacher came in almost last at promptly 8 am as the bell rang instead of introducing himself he turned to the chalkboard and wrote in classic white chalk, ’Quirk Assessment Day’ then turning around he said, ”You may all know me as the Number 7 Hero: The Patriot. Allow me to introduce myself more appropriately to everyone here my name is Rudolf Theodore, students you can call me Mr. T, or Patriot, as both are my name publicly.”

He stood at the podium the class was in rows of four, and there were six rows. A total of a possible 24 students. And today everyone was going to show off their quirks in front of everyone else. Once attendance is taken, Mr. T lead the students out the side door and into the central courtyard. Patriot spoke, as he did his Quirk caused everyone who was careless to become just as dangerous, ”We have 24 students today I will be scaling your Quirks and progress in the development of your quirks, let it be known, you can fail this test. Failure will result in expulsion.”

A long silence followed by, ”Let's begin.” He turned to towards the group of students and pointed at a set of well-defined set of pitches one was a simple shotput pitch with measurement markers every 50 yards as far as the eye could see. Next to it was a line with six half boxes looking like a strangely long letter E stuck to a mirror, so the sticks popped out both sides. The third pitch was a straight set of a ten-yard dash with six rows. The fourth was a set of targets set up like an archery range. It seemed there were only four tests, but that was all that was visible from their standpoint. Each of the students was still feeling the unnatural seriousness from Inspire, so they all were feeling a bit stressed.

”There will be several tests for this Quirk Apprehension Test, ” he explained to the students, ”each of you will be trying your best since until this point you've been forbidden from using your Quirks. There are several challenging trials here: the 50-yard dash, the standing long jump, the grip strength test, the sustained sideways jump test, the pitch and the target practices. Emitter types are allowed to take target test instead of the grip strength test. Anyone can opt for the alternative test of accuracy; it's just suggested for emitters. Shall we go alphabetically or reverse alphabetically?”

Waiting for the students to decide he figures they are taking far too long to resolve and says, ”Alphabetical by the last name it is. Let's start with Bolt, Chris; you're going first what would you like the class to tackle first?”
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Chris Bolt

Chris Bolt

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes   Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 23, 2018 12:29 am

Chris had turned to ask the class and after hearing their options turned to Patriot and answered with the consensus vote, "Looks like the class would like to do the Sprint first." He was as laid back as normal but he seemed a little excited. He and some students lined up for the first heat, it seemed that the groups of six included him and a few other, but he didn't impress with his speed, he had strong legs so he could have easily ran a bit faster but a solid 4th place was fine. After all this test wasn't his ace, as long as he aced one of the tests he could be sure no one would beat him out but he was actually holding a slugger since his plan was to ace two tests, that would clinch him a top spot without him having to make a big deal of it.

Looking around he tried to set himself at ease by observing the fellow classmates, which would be viable chill group, which would be far to high strung, and which would have the stick up their asses. A slight distinction from the high strung to the stick-holes, was the fact he could handle a high strung person for a little while before wanting to see what a bolt of electricity would do to them, the same was not true for the pompous pricks. The angel/bird dude had already seemed quick to temper bet he was a billy clubber. The little fox dude was cute, but the speed he spoke would make it hard to keep calm around. Then there was Tweedledee and Tweedledum, who seamed pretty chill, the girl with the hardcore stench of grease too. As other students lined up to do their heats he noticed that a few girls in this school were pretty hot, actually giving birdbrain minor cred, he was smoking hot, to bad he was a prick. Then there was 'samurai jack' this crew was full of potential, too bad he didn't have a reason to excel here. After all it was mom and dad that forced him break early and end up here. Why did they have to be so... ugh he had been away from the beach too long, he couldn't even think of a good, choppy! They had been choppy. Ugh he needed to find a way to get surfing again asap.

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes 12ab459fe559d1948044047317661222
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Asche Hiraoka

Asche Hiraoka

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes   Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 04, 2018 6:19 pm

Asche held his arms crossed as they were given the breakdown of the day's assignment, hair tied into a high ponytail. So there were going to be aptitude tests; that made sense. Everyone seemed to come to a consensus to take the sprint test; seemed easy enough. Although, Asche was smart enough to know there would be more to this test than just a speed test. No, they were also being tested on their quirk abilities. Right now in the summer heat, Asche could only use his quirk of winter. No matter, he was sure he would figure something out. Asche took a step forward, stretching his arms up and letting out a sigh.

”Well, let’s get this started,” Asche suggested, as if without concern for timing or competition or anything. It was like he didn’t care, which he didn’t. It was simply an aptitiude test, seeing how far they can push themselves. Asche was going to showcase what he can do, but he didn’t particularly care to impress his classmates or try to win. He was at UA:USA simply to train.

Asche picked a lane and readied himself. He knelt down in a running stance, waiting for the signal to run. Mr. T. nodded as they all took their positions.

“Very well then. On your marks! Get set! GO!” Asche launched forward in speedy chase for the finish line. He already had some pretty fit running legs from physical training back home, but some may prove to be faster still physically or quirk-ally. Not that it mattered, he was just going as fast as he could, but still had to display something of his quirk if he could.

After passing halfway and booking it towards the end, Asche would suddenly jump. Whilst in mid-air, he would push her arm out, palm open and facing the ground, and ice would form on his lane below him. Asche readied for landing and braced himself for a slippery landing. He seemingly landed though with great finesse and began sliding forward until he reached the end of the lane. The wind breezed past him and anone running close to the end of the lane would feel cold air from his winter powers. Asche stopped sliding once the ice stopped at the end of the lane. He jumped onto the ground at the end of the lane and held his arms up to maintain his balance. Asche let out a small gasp of breath, exhilarated by how the experience went. That was the first time he had ever tried that. When he straightened up, Asche smiled at how fun that turned out to be and joined the group of students waiting for their fellow classmates to follow in tow.
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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes   Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes I_icon_minitime

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Tuesday, September 3rd, 2289 First day of classes
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