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Narora Araragi

Narora Araragi

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PostSubject: Narora Araragi   Narora Araragi I_icon_minitimeFri Aug 23, 2013 6:36 pm

Araragi, Narora

Player Character

Name: Araragi, Narora
Nickname: N/A (as of now)
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 18
Real Age: 18


Social Affiliation
Morality Lawful Neutral
Character Type/Race: Spiritually Aware Human/Normal Human
Country if Applicable: N/A

Character Statistics

Strength: 6
Speed: 6
Stamina: 5
Charisma: 1
Mental Endurance: 1
Mana Source : 3
Magical Power: 3

Character History
Narora's history dates back to a time when he had 3 other members in his family. His father, his mother, and his sister. To this day, he could never remember what he called his parents. It was always 'Tou-sama' or 'Kaa-sama' when he was around them or passed them in the halls of his home. His sister was the same, however, only to his parents. He knew his sister's name though, as he idolized her. She was Araragi Stella; the 5 year older sister to Araragi Narora.

Back to his parents for the moment, it was, indeed as you may have thought, strict. Training was the only bonding time he had with his father. It was only then that he could unleash his anger upon said parent, but disguised as training.

Then, when he returned to his room beaten and sometimes bloody, he would sit by himself till his sister arrived.

Being the last 4 known of the Araragi clan, Narora was trained to be a warrior, while his sister was trained to be a housewife –or as she like to call it at times: a breeding factory–.

His sister was indeed a sight to see. While Narora himself was too young just yet to understand such thoughts, or even have them, it still held true. At the age of 15, Araragi Stella bloomed quite early into adulthood.

There were times when strange men came to his house. Some just as old as his sister, or much older. And, though she hid it well, Narora knew his sister had a severe dislike to it. But, both said nothing. Both just smiled and nodded. Both just ignored the leering looks the men gave Stella. Both feared what their father would do if either spoke out.

It went on like this for 5 years. Narora, now at age 15, had been taught the spell Toresugan by his father, and had shown a great potential in the Summon: Izanagi; the spectral warrior summon passed down through the Araragi family, said to be the Araragi's will to fight taken form.

Stella, now at the age of 20, had actually found one boy on her own she had fallen in love with. They were not wed yet, but were soon to be.

Father had remained strict, and had passed on as much knowledge to Narora and (an amount of it) Stella.

Their mother had died, as part of an 'accident' with a building. Officially, the building was unstable and was set to collapse at any time. Narora knew differently, and he was sure Stella did too. Their father had warned them that the Araragi were targeted in years past, and could possibly still BE targeted.

It was during this year however, that the Araragi were nearly wiped out of existence.

A strange disease had begun to go around. It wasn't a major epidemic, but it was a problem. A cure had been made and had been administered to all in the town, but it was obvious, that if it was given too late, the disease would take effect.

The one symptom of the disease was a clouded judgment. A special kind of clouded judgment.

One that Stella had started to show signs of.

Days later, not even a week, Narora was returning home. He'd been out in the forest, just meditating. His sister and her fiance were to come over today for dinner, and expand on their plans for the future with Father.

It didn't happen like that.

When he'd entered his house, he found it quiet. Extremely quiet. Usually, with his sister over, there was the slightest bit of noise in the house. Normally, with just Narora and his Father, it was quiet as a graveyard, and he could understand that; if his sister hadn't been over today...

And so, announcing he was home and getting no reply, he took a walk around the house.

He was quick to find the blood.

There, on the kitchen table, was Masaki, the future husband of his sister... dead. His face was stuck in a dull, unmoving way. His eyes clouded over and reflected nothing.

That was when he was alert. Quickly activating his spell, Toresugan, he found the faint blood trail on the ground and tracked it through the house, hand on his Chokuto at all times.

As he entered the training hall, he was in time to hear a clash of steel, and a sick squelch behind the door. As he quietly opened it, he found the room covered in cuts and blood, and the body of his father facing him, a surprised look on his dying eyes and a blade jutting from his chest.

He gave one look to Narora and fell from the sword to the ground, where he laid unmoving.

Behind him, to Narora's great shock, was his own sister.

Now, Stella had been trained in her life. She was an Araragi, and thus, she did have the spell Toresugan and her own Izanagi summon to pass onto her children. However, her training had stopped when she'd agreed to wed Masaki.

Last he'd heard, she wasn't strong enough to best Father, but could easily match Narora himself.

To this date Narora still was confused as to exactly how she'd gotten strong enough to kill Father.

From there, she'd greeted him in an almost sultry way. Her face was contorted into a mixture of a lustful and insane smile. Her body was encased in Izanagi's ribcage before vanishing quickly afterward. Her long black hair covered in splotches of blood that was not her own.

It was then that Narora realized that his sister was, in fact, diseased and had lost her mind to it.

It was then that Narora's heart broke at finding that the last members of his small family were lost to him and he was alone in this world.

It was then that Narora fought for his life, as he killed his sister in the most difficult fight he ever had, and possibly: will have.

Family History:
The Araragi family, at one point, had been a large clan. Years ago, in the time of the country Valmar, the clan existed as warriors. They were among the best because of their exceptional ability with the rare, but cursed, summon known as Izanagi, and the powerful spell that gave them their eyes, Toesugan.

However, during the war between Valmar and the elven country of Gywenneth, they were one of the first sent out. The clan was drafted into the army, some becoming warriors that fell quickly, others becoming assassins. However, either way, the clan was nearly wiped out through the war.

The select few that survived (10), were too young to enter the war at the time, and thus, many secrets of the Araragi clan were lost to time. Powerful spells and abilities, practices that were unique only to them, were gone.

With no prior knowledge, most of the few surviving (7), lead normal, civilian lives of Humans. The minority (2-3), unlocked their innate powers and tried to rebuild the clan as best as possible.

However, the enemies of the Araragi clan were numerous. Families that still remembered the 'Assassins with silver eyes', sent out requests that their 'kind' be taken and exicuted.

When the remaining clan heard of this, most were caught, but some that left their current country and went into hiding survived.

Years later to the present, the Araragi blood had diluted. Araragi pairing with non-Araragi had caused the blood to dwindle and shrink in size.

The only family left with near-to-full Araragi blood, was Narora's family. Up until 10 years ago, this family was 4 large.

To this date, 1 lives...

Family Crest:

Family Members:
Araragi, Narora - (Active)
[Sister] -  Araragi, Stella - (Deceased)
[Father] - (Deceased)
[Mother] - (Deceased)

Theme Song
Miscellaneous N/A

Alternate Profiles: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Narora Araragi   Narora Araragi I_icon_minitimeMon Aug 26, 2013 12:33 pm

Approved my friend
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Narora Araragi
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