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 ~Ye Old Role playing Guide

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PostSubject: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon May 20, 2013 5:09 pm

RPG Guide

Greetings Adventurers and Wanderers~!
This guide is for players to begin their journey into the realms of Ansgar. To start with I recommend you read the guides below before generating a character to better grasp how the game will be played and how to advance your character.

Objective of the game.

In Ansgar your goals may vary from character to character. Ultimately your goal is both to develop your character and help either quell the termoil in the lands of Ansgar or create havoc and deliver your own brand of chaos to the realm. Good Evil or just Neutral you seek some sort of ascension whether it is to carve a name for yourself... become the hero or scourge of Ansgar or simply to travel and explore the world on your own terms. Treasures and relics of all kind await. Fame and glory for the victorious. Disgrace and shame or the defeated.  Find friends and allies in your travels. Make enemies and rivals. Your destiny and the fate of this world is in your hands to shape~! Go forth and form your destiny.

INDEX (click the links)

1. To Get You Started (below)
2. Stats and Applications
3. Leveling Guide
4. Battle Guide
5. Posting Guide
6 Gold (ways to get it and what you can buy with it)
7. Limit Breaker ability
8. Duo Techs, Triple Techs
9. Groups and Guilds
10. Chamber of Creation (In depth explanation)


Getting Started (Strapping on the old adventurer back pack)
FIRST Read this ~ Rules
To begin with you as a player should read the up on the World Geography, Universe Genesis and  History of the Continent of Lorccan  and familiarize themselves with the realm of Ansgar to picture what kind of brave soul they will create to traverse this land and meets it problems head on . I will limit one Character per account to begin with. Alternate accounts will be permitted to a max of 3 characters.

Once a character is approved you can put forth applications for 2 abilities 1 Limit Break 1 weapon and 2 Life Skills

Starting off the Max is 10 Abilities 4 Limit Breaks 5 Weapons and 10 Life Skills

-Abilities/Magic/Summons/Psychic powers and Weapons can each be upgraded 3 times.

Cosmic Forge apps for lands/towns/dungeons and NPCs can be made at ANY time and there are no limits to such!
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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:00 pm

2. Back to the Top

Stats and Character Applications

Before you begin tossing out stats for your boss character you should take a moment to see what stats we have implemented for Ansgar and the role they will have in this game.

There are 7 stats in this Game which i will be using to evaluate a Character's overall abilities and effectiveness both in combat and other areas. of these Seven Stats it will follow a basic leveling system of 1-15. Stat level 5 is for the Average Human 10 being the limits of most mortal/ capacity. In RARE occasions Characters will go beyond these limits to reach Super human levels through extreme story. to put this scale into perspective 15 would be reaching close to the level of a Demi God. Achieving any sort of leveling up takes time, and that means both In character and out of character time. We discourage a character who becomes strong by himself, only interacting with other players once he is "Maxed." Trust us as the staff, It will get you nowhere, FAST.

The Stat levels~!

1. Incompetent (bordering invalid)
2. pathetic
3. poor
4. Below Average
5. Human Average ( Normal)
6. Above Average
7. Impressive
8. Savant
9.  Amazing
10. Legendary (Best in the known world)
11. Beyond Human
12. Super Human
13. Mythical
14. Epic
15. Godlike  (Seemingly like a god to mortal creatures though still far below the true potential of actual Demi Gods or Real Gods)

The Seven stats ~!! for a healthy character~!

Strength: Exactly as you know it. This is your characters physical capacity to lift objects of various weights and perform various feats of raw power. such as throwing large objects or lifting people in the world. or Wrassssling ....rassling bears~!!!  

Speed: Not the drug :P  This is the stat to determine how fast your character can move overall running or sprinting speed. To a degree also your ability to react to certain things going on around you. in battle such as an arrow flying in your direction.

Stamina: Your overall Hardiness how burly are you built? Strong and never sick. This stat will help you determine overall how many hits your character can take in a battle. This will also take into play how long you can hold up physical activity such as running long distances swimming constant acrobatic feats. all physical acts in constant repetition.  How long does it take till you tire out?  

Charisma: This is the social stat which will help enforce how well you are perceived by NPC's in the world of Ansgar. It can also help your character be more convincing able to manipulate and control others. Very Effective for Bartering and lying.

Mental Endurance: This is exactly how it sounds how much mental torture can your character withstand be it through magical means or psychic powers? This also can boil over unto how well you can take a barrage of insults or name calling before you lose your cool and lay the mad smack down. This statistic will help defend your character against mental attacks of all kinds as well as increase your potential for your own psychic powers.  

Mana: Your Characters capacity to cast magic. How much energy can they wield and manipulate at once to cast their mighty spells or abilities. Your mana pool will grow with time as will your potential to control the deadly arts.

Magical Power: The actual power of the energies you wield. the stronger the stat the more concentrated forces of your favored elements/energies you can wield.

To begin you are Given 25 stat points to distribute as you see fit with no skill level surpassing 6 (Above average)

Stat level 1 (Incompetent)  Costs 0 points (you will have this stat by default)

Stat level 2 (Pathetic) Costs 2 point.
Stat level 3 (Poor)  Costs 3 points.
Stat level 4 (Below Average) Costs 4 points.
Stat level 5 (Human Average) Costs 5 points.
Stat level 6 (Above Average) Costs 6 points.

Strength: 6            
Speed: 6                
Stamina: 6              
Mental Endurance:2
Mana: 2                  
Magical Power: 1      

( PLEASE be aware these starter points are not refundable, Any left over points are discarded.)

The Stat Graph to give a basic explanation as to how the stats will effect your character as you level ( All credits to Yenomrah for the amazing chart)

Stat Levels
Mental Endurance
Mana Source
Magic Power
How much you can lift.
How fast you can sprint.
How long you can maintain maximum efforts and total hits you can take.
How convincing you are (in game discounts apply).
Psychic power effectiveness/mental tolerance level.
Ability/Skill use before exhaustion.
Magical effectiveness.
30-50 Pounds
1 Meter Per Second
5 Posts, 3 Hits
5% Convincing, No Discount
5% Mental Influence, No Mental Power
5 Skill Uses
5% Spell Effectiveness
50-80 Pounds
2 Meters Per Second
7 Posts, 4 Hits
8% Convincing, No Discount
10% Mental Influence, Little Mental Power
6 Skill Uses
10% Spell Effectiveness
80-100 Pounds
3 Meters Per Second
8 Posts, 5 Hits
10% Convincing, 2% Discount
12% Mental Effectiveness, Some Mental Power
7 Skill Uses
12% Spell Effectiveness
Below Average
100-120 Pounds
4 Meters Per Second
9 Posts, 6 Hits
15% Convincing, 5% Discount
20% Mental Influence, Weak Mental Power
8 Skill Uses
20% Spell Effectiveness
Human (Average)
120-150 Pounds
5 Meters Per Second
10 Posts, 7 Hits
25% Convincing, 8% Discount
25% Mental Influence, Adequate Mental Power
10 Skill Uses
25% Spell Effectiveness
Above Average
150-180 Pounds
6 Meters Per Second
11 Posts, 8 Hits
30% Convincing, 10% Discount
35% Mental Influence, Conditioned Mental Power
13 Skill Uses
35% Spell Effectiveness
180-250 Pounds
7 Meters Per Second
12 Posts, 9 Hits
50% Convincing, 12% Discount
50% Mental Influence, Honed Mental Power
15 Skill Uses
50% Spell Effectiveness
250-300 Pounds
8 Meters Per Second
13 Posts, 10 Hits
65% Convincing, 15% Discount
75% Mental Influence, Well Practiced Mental Power
18 Skill Uses
75% Spell Effectiveness
300-375 Pounds
9 Meters Per Second
14 Posts, 11 Hits
70% Convincing, 25% Discount
90% Mental Influence, Focused Mental Power
20 Skill Uses
90% Spell Effectiveness
375-500 Pounds
11 Meters Per Second
15 Posts, 12 Hits
75% Convincing, 50% Discount
100% Mental Influence, Amazing Mental Power
25 Skill Uses
100% Spell Effectiveness
Beyond Human
500-700 Pounds
15 Meters Per Second
16 Posts, 13 Hits
80% Convincing, 55% Discount
125% Mental Influence, Instinctive Mental Power
30 Skill Uses
120% Spell Effectiveness
Super Human
700-900 Pounds
25 Meters Per Second
18 Posts, 15 Hits
85% Convincing, 60% Discount
150% Mental Influence, Unbelievable Mental Power
40 Skill Uses
150% Spell Effectiveness
900-1,500 Pounds
35 Meters Per Second
20 Posts, 18 Hits
90% Convincing, 65% Discount
175% Mental Influence, Near Unchallenged Mental Power
50 Skill Uses
175% Spell Effectiveness
1,500-2,500 Pounds
50 Meters Per Second
25 Posts, 20 Hits
92% Convincing, 70% Discount
200% Mental Influence, Epic Mental Power
75 Skill Uses
200% Spell Effectiveness
2,500-3,500 Pounds
100 Meters Per Second
30 Posts, 30 Hits
95% Convincing, 75% Discount
300% Mental Influence, Godlike Mental Power
100 Skill Uses
300% Spell Effectiveness

Below is The almighty official character sheet for Ansgar with some helpful descriptions to ease the process XD

Player Character

Name: What is your characters first, middle, last name
Nickname: Does your character have a nickname?
Gender: What Gender is your character or N/A
Visual Age: How old do they appear to others
Real Age: How old are they really
Personality: How does your character behave or typically feel in certain situations. Make sure to write at least 100 words. It is also wise to add your characters likes and dislikes which can be anything from not likely pie to loving the ocean!

Appearance: Please write at least 100 words on what your character looks like; skin tone, hair/eye color, clothing etc. OR put a picture in a spoiler!

Social Affiliation
Morality Is your character Good, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral or Evil
Character Type/Race: Demon, Vampire, Dragon, Human etc.
Country if Applicable: What country is your character from, if any?

Character Statistics

Mental Endurance:
Mana Source :
Magical Power: ((The word power is a link))

Character History
Background: What is your character's personal history? Please write at least 100 words

Family History: Does your character's family come from a long line of interesting history? Explain it here in at least 100 words

Family Crest: Does your character's family have its own crest? Send a picture in a spoiler or describe it here

Family Members: Any NPC or IC family members still alive? List them here

Theme Song A rad tune to represent your boss character~!
Miscellaneous Anything else you want to add?

Alternate Profiles: If you have another character please the name on your main account

Application Formats
These are the templates of the sheets you will need to apply for a new Character, Ability,Weapon,Life Skill, or Cosmic Forge The Code will all be displayed here for easy copy and paste to get you going
[spoiler=Character Application]
[b][center][size=18][font=Georgia][color=white]Surname, First Name[/color][/font][/center][/size][/b]
[center][u][b]Player Character[/b][/u][/center]

[b]Visual Age:[/b]
[b]Real Age:[/b]


[u][b]Social Affiliation[/b][/u]
[b]Character Type/Race:[/b]
[b]Country if Applicable:[/b]

[u][b]Character Statistics[/b][/u]

Mental Endurance:
Mana Source :
Magical Power:

[u][b]Character History[/b][/u]

[b]Family History:[/b]

[b]Family Crest:[/b]

[b]Family Members:[/b]

[u][b]Theme Song[/b][/u]

[b]Alternate Profiles:[/b]

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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:10 pm

Leveling Guide

Your character will progress over time~ Through adventures and hardship quests and battles you will gain gold through posts and will be rewarded bonuses upon thread completion and quests by staff. Then stat upgrades may be purchased at the Dragonscar Forge and applied to the desired stat.
A link will need to be provided as proof of your characters advancement. A harrowing experience or battle or completion of a misson.  Upon approval the staff will modify your character sheet appropriately. Please keep in mind that Solo RP's are discouraged and may be flat out rejected, no matter how decent the solo is.

The maximum stats for the time being your character can reach by buying at the shop and questing for now is stat level 10 the threshold of utmost human potential. Very special circumstances will allow players to go beyond these levels to Superhuman potential however only 2 stats will be allowed to go beyond 10 and it is only through special circumstances or story that a upgrade will be given. Do not Grovel the staff to see if they can go beyond the threshold, ask enough times to get their attention. If they say no, let it be. Continuing to pester may even result in a flat out refuse.

Abilities and weapons can also be leveled up with a shop purchase and a story thread justifying and explaining the upgrade. Please keep in mind that Solo RP's are discouraged and may be flat out rejected, no matter how decent the solo is.

** Abilities(magic/summons/skills/psionics) and Weapons may be upgraded three times only~!  

The maximum amount of abilities/weapons/ and life skills a character may have are 10 abilities / 5 weapons /10 life skills.

Summoning is available in this game it is an ability and it applied for in the ability section two templates are provided there for you to use. There are two basic types of summoning available in Ansgar.

( Avatar Summon )

A single powerful summon of impressive ability it is like a guardian. Coming forth to fight for you in battle. It has 35 stat points to distribute among the 7 stats. like Character applications you may have starting stats of level 6. The avatar summon also has an ability. Like any other Ability it can be upgraded three times. Each upgrade for the Avatar summon will give you 3 new stat points to distribute + an upgrade to the summons ability. No stats can go above 12. Only ONE avatar summon may be conjured at one time as they can be large and powerful enforcers.

(Minion Summon)

A human sized group summon which uses one ability slot like the Avatar summon. The player starts off with 3 to start. Its stats are frozen at all "Human Average" (Level 5 in the stat) and cannot be upgraded. It has one minor ability but the ability cannot be upgraded. Upgrades for the minion summon will increase quantity of units only that can be summoned instead. Can be upgraded 3 times

Number of units that can be summoned

Default 3 --- 1st upgrade > 6 --- 2nd Upgrade --->10---3rd Upgrade-->15 (Max)

An Avatar summon and Minion Summon cannot be conjured at the same time. A player may only have one type summoned at any time.

Psychic powers.

Another ability type like summoning Psychic powers use 1 ability slot. To start off with ALL psychic powers begin the SAME however the unique aspect comes into play with upgrades. You can upgrade psychic powers 3 times like any other ability or weapon. With each upgrade you can evolve the skill and give it your characters own personal twist to truly make the psychic power your original.

Life Skills
This is a relatively new concept i'm implementing it is commonly used in table top rpgs but i will be applying it in this system. Its purpose? To help your character be distinguished from others in particular ways as well as help determine your success rate at certain endeavors. for example just because you can swim doesn't mean you have a proficency for it so if you have swiming as a life skill you will be a cut above the norm.  It also does not mean that your character is the best at it..learning a skill always takes time and practice~!

(For a basic example if two players are deeply entwined in sword combat and our trying to out finesse one another The Victor would be more likely to be the character with sword fighting or training as a life skill then the one without/ and there will be levels of "Mastery" in the case both characters have the skill. IF the same skill level was in conflict then its up to writing and cunning.  I will elaborate don't worry it won't be to complex.)

Life skills will level differently then abilities or weapons.  You will acquire life skills through story overtime and then apply for the new life skill or upgrade at the shop. They will not cost  money and  will need an adequate amount of story to explain how you acquired the skill in game or improved upon it. Please keep in mind that Solo RP's are discouraged and may be flat out rejected, no matter how decent the solo is.

Life Skill levels

All life skills will have 4 mastery levels and will start at the Beginner level.

Beginner Level (Starting level  25% efficency)

Moderate Level (50% efficency)  

Savant Level (75% efficency)

Legendary Level (Max) (90% efficency)  it does not go to 100% cause there is always a chance for failure in any action.

The percentage efficency levels are just to elaborate the possible success rate of attempted action doing whatever the skill entails. but ultimately its up to you to help determine the result. You could always think of it to like there is nothing to stop you from attempting from "Riding a horse" but its to stop people who seem to think themselves natural experts at any skill. If you knew nothing about horseback riding would you still jump on a horse...could end badly same could be said with a whole whack of everyday skills. So this system is to try and have some fun with that. Not to say it means you can't do a lot of things but if you invest in something it will be signifigantly better with a life skill

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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:12 pm

Battle Guide

When fighting other characters or even battling NPC's you need to have a certain level of honesty

Ethics of Combat.

Mostly all the stats are rough guidelines but if you follow them truthfully you will have a much better time in the game. Official story events and battles will be regulating official use of the stats. open threads will be more laxed about it but you should still follow them. In battle you should be fair to your opponent~! Avoid Godmoding and be fair to your circumstance. Never announce what is gonna happen to the other player let them decide whether an attack lands or not. "To announce that a technique is a certain hit is WRONG" Second do not spam abilities in one post try to go on a basic one for one deal as a real fight would mostly be in that type of scenario it would be impossible to spam moves as they would be countering as well.

follow your cool downs and casting limit as honestly as possible .. Were not gonna be watching this kinda stuff unless its official storyline or contest arena battles ~!

Try to be true to your characters stamina stat if you took the total hits your stamina allows then you should be down for the count. A player cannot kill your character in this game without your permission. so consider it a K.O. at that point.

Regardless of whether your character has max stats and your opponent has barely any ALWAYS give them credit when cleaver moves and actions are taken. if they hit they hit~

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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:14 pm

Posting Guide

Just some minor stuff to mention here~!

New to forum Roleplaying????? Well the goal is to describe your character and their environments and interactions within them.  Be it with Players or NPC's (Non player Characters) As far as description goes were not asking for a novel here..but the more details you can add the better~! the more immersed you and your fellow players get enveloped in the rad stories going on~! You are control of NPCs and your character but you are not in control of others peoples characters please be aware and respect this :)

Try to think as if you are telling a story ..put yourself into the body of your character... What do you see... touch smell hear... use the five senses.. envision the world around you..and your reactions to it.  A situation happens... how does your character react according to the personality you made...are they a hot head?....or calm and collective.. the control is yours. Use your character to confront the world of Ansgar and make change.. for better or for worse.

As far as post length goes as stated above description is always awesome the more you can tell us about what your character does and how he/she does it the better.  Try to play with words and be creative~! i recommend  excellent word substitutes to spice up your descriptions~!

Avoid metagaming at all costs.. its listed in the forum rules but i'd like to restate it here just to clarify. Its when you part knowledge you know to your character. Just because you read all about another player in the approved character section does not mean your character knows all about them.. that must happen in story to be true.

Please keep in mind that Solo RP's are discouraged and Rewards for leveling or gold may be flat out rejected, no matter how decent the solo is.

Lastly we ALL are busy so patience is needed regarding responses.. please wait and be kind to your fellow players they have busy lifes to and can't always be there to post on time.

You are free to join as many threads as you would like but try to keep it to a number you can manage and have time to respond to in a reasonable time. Try to apply a 72 hour rule if the user does not respond in three days you may continue the story if it is an official plot.  

Always keep true to the posting order. Take turns and wait till it is your turn to post again before adding your response.


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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:22 pm


Gold is the Currency in Ansgar it is gained by posting and completing missions/quests. Gold will be able to be used in the Dragonscar Forge to purchase stat upgrades new abilities/weapons/ and upgrades as well as other special items.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a special currency not usable in the thread IC (In Character) it is used OOC (out of character) to improve your character.

Gold in game that your character has will be different and up to your discretion.

Special events and forum story will allow for additional rewards of Gold as well as the evaluation of finished threads by staff. if a finished thread is impressive and lots of hard work is put into it. A custom reward may be given. It is all part of the process of leveling overtime by taking place in stories in the world of Ansgar.

you will post in the shop with your desired purchase and the staff will take care of the rest after checking the transaction~!! rocking sauce XD


what more can I say?


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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 7:35 pm

7. Limit Breaker ability

Like in the rpgs of old~! I'm intending to create a system to allow your character to do a burst attack after either a set amount of time/posts or taking a set amount of direct hits. A "Limit breaker" It will be a over the top self styled move suited to your character to help turn the tide in a tight situation.

I will be letting a player have 4 limit breaks in total.  the 1st one will be free..the others will need to be purchased with an appropriate thread to show skill increase. Please keep in mind that Solo RP's are discouraged and may be flat out rejected, no matter how decent the solo is.

I will be making a simple non official guide to govern the use of these "burst" attacks. And later i hope to implement a official bar that actually fills up over time telling you officially when you can use the skill.  I intend to use the bar in official events so the system is used fairly~! They will be applied for like any other abiltity.


**For now only a non official guide shall exist to govern limit breaks we may implement a automatic one in the future.**

The 4 limit breaks will each be different in ability thus making it possible With a full limit break charge to launch one level four limit break or four level one limit breaks or two level two limit breaks  or one level three and one level one and so on. HOWEVER a player will only start with one level one limit break which they can apply for at the shop.

Below is a chart which will elaborate on the rules to use the  limit break ability

Limit Break ]  Number of hits on your character required to
Level          ]  Use the limit break
    1           ]       2  hits    ]
    2           ]       4  hits    ]
    3           ]       6  hits    ]
    4           ]       8  hits    ]
Please be honest and fair with this system as it will be up to you and your opponent to manage it fairly unless in official battles or a staff member is called in to make an evaluation.

After using your limit break This resets~! or the value drops down to the required level to charge again

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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:25 pm

Duo Techs, Triple Techs

Another mechanic i will be adding to this game for you to enjoy is based off the lovable Super Nintendo game Chrono trigger. Yes Duo-techs and Triple-techs~! so if your in a group with close allies you have more deadly moves at your disposal~! to vanquish your enemies not just with power..but style to ~! adding your own flare to create a combo move with another player. You will be allowed to have a MAX of 3 duo or triple techs.

To have a partner move you must~!! have been in a thread and befriended that character~!..and come up with an app together to put forward in the abilities section. They will cost gold in the Dragonscar Forge
and require the thread link to prove your characters bond. Triple techs will be stronger and more complex but will take longer to get approved and done through story as well as cost more.

Make sure to design the team attack using abilities and powers you already have you cannot magically use new powers for this . It is a chance to get really creative and add even more flare to combat. Use of duotechs in combat will take mana from all character's mana sources involved in the attack.

Duo tech costs each member involved 6 skill uses and Triple techs cost each member involved 8 skill uses

****Duo Tech's and Triple Techs CANNOT be upgraded.****

For Duo Tech's/ Triple Techs

[b]Done with whom?:[/b]


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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:28 pm

Groups and Guilds

In the game your character may wish to form a team of members dedicated to one cause. Well for the most part in this game forming a group is a free choice~! all that needs to happen is that you and a few members befriend one another in character and decide to adventure and travel together. Group minimum is three members. If you meet these requirements and all members agree you can post in the shop with a thread link and you will be allowed to post your group and edit members assign a themesong/logos etc XD and be your boss adventuring mercenary band XD . It does not reward you with anything special persay it is more for fun. Until you reach the next phase.

Upon getting 8 members and paying a large fee at the shop your group may upgrade to a guild. In most respects its the same thing. A Group may upgrade to a guild...but a guild may also be formed without making a group all that is needed is members and gold. Now a guild is like a private army. You get a official homebase and a special guild weapon and skill to be approved and given to all members. A guild is a great way to create some pull in the world of Ansgar and stand up to some of the bigger threats that are out there.

Upon creating a guild i will also allow members to create missions for their guild members to go on.

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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:29 pm

The Cosmic Forge

A relatively new feature i am excited to explain in detail.

The cosmic energies that be.. and guide this universe ARE YOU~! yes you yourself get to help define the world of Ansgar itself~! This is where the grand powers pitch their ideas for development. A new city? Race ? a whole school of magic ? Lesser gods and forgotten Deities in the universe. NPC Villains or heroes for the players to interact with. Ansgar is like a giant puzzle with the framework in place. Lorccan is but one continent. More can be designed and created~! The power to shape the game is HERE~! upon review and approval it will become official in the world for all to experience~! I'm excited to bring this world building mechanic to this rpg~! The only question is what mysterious and wonderful creations shall emerge from the cosmic forge~!

This is like a world with the basic structure built..but it is not finished...not by a long shot~! There are many elements of it still left to be designed and added...or newly created~! XD Races , Magic schools, Relics , Cities , Even new countries and Continents or lesser gods or goddesses as NPC's it will be put through approval by staff and if agreed upon it will be implemented as an official part of the Ansgar world it is like a puzzle you get to help finish~!!! Don't miss the fun opportunity to add to the world of Ansgar.

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PostSubject: Re: ~Ye Old Role playing Guide    

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~Ye Old Role playing Guide
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