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PostSubject: Tyrion    Tyrion         I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 27, 2013 10:24 pm

Name: Tyrion (Tier-ee-un)
Nickname: Hope Bringer

Gender: Male
Visual Age: 20
Actual Age: 25
Persality: Tyrion is a rather take charge human being always willing to either take the lead in most situations. He is mostly anti social though, trying to keep to himself most of the time and he will almost never start a conversation. It takes him a long time to warm up to people but even if he doesn't know you he'll defend you with his life unless you've done something to greatly anger him. He greatly believes in defending his allies and tends to put himself into harms way to do it. When in combat he is extremely calm and collected and is able to tear apart opponents that should normally kill him thanks to his careful approach.

Likes: Tyrion likes the peace and quiet, nature, wildlife, and love, though he's never felt it

Dislikes: Tyrion hates oppression of all kinds, always willing to help a slave or homeless person with his last coin or food and he will always defend weaker people from harm. I dislikes the mistreatment of women very much so as well and hates evil in all it's forms. He despises most vegetables, preferring meat to them any day.


Strength: 6
Stamina: 6
Speed: 4
Charisma: 1
Mental Endurance: 3
Mana Source:1
Magic Power: 4

Social Affiliation
Morality: Neutral
Character Type/Race: Human
Country if Applicable: (He doesn't know where he's from but he's currently staying in Draxia)

Tyrion was born in Draxia to his mother Mella, and his father Calver. They never owned slaves as his family never agreed with them and Tyrion always had a way with animals starting seemingly when he was born. They would come to his crib and stay near him and keep him safe at night. As he grew older he tended to keep them as pets and his mother and father never saw him hurt a fly. He was never spoiled and luckily never knew much hardship in his child life. It was simply spent the way children should spend their lives, in wondrous curiosity.

It was when he was fourteen years of age that things would begin to change for young Tyrion. At this time in life his father had decided that in this dangerous world it was high time he learned to use a sword. He had given Tyrion one and trained him in it's use as best as a fourteen year old could use. Then however tragedy struck at bandits sacked their little home, killing Tyrions parents outright.

Tyrion himself escaped from the brutal sacking and fled into the woods where there wildlife would take care of the boy. He taught himself to hunt and animals of all kinds came to keep him warm at night. He stayed out in the wilderness for two years before coming out and deciding to rejoin civilization again. He moved into Draxia city in a small place in the cheapest area of the city.

At this time he already began cutting a large image and found decent work as a guard in a nearby tavern. He through out many hostiles and turned down advances from many woman. It was at this tavern that his life changed forever.

Sitting at the bar one night was a man with the most peculiar sword Tyrion had ever seen. It looked like it was made from countless crystal shards and shined with a eerie light. Tyrion watched the man closely to make sure he wasn't trying anything funny but suddenly he noticed someone coming toward the man in the crowd. Tyrion watches the one approaching carefully and tensed when he saw the man draw a knife.Tyrion immediately drew his sword and halted the man advance by setting the point against his chest. A quick fight escalated as the knife holder merely wanted the sword. Tyrion quickly disarmed the man and sent him on his way. The man left mumbling curses under his breath.

The sword carrying patron rounded on him and asked him why he let him go. To which Tyrion simply responded "Because he didn't need to die this day. That man may have needed the sword to sell for food for a wife and kids, would you kill such a man?" The customer looked Tyrion dead in the eyes and smiled and handed the blade to him saying "The sword is meant to be wielded by someone who cherishes human life. If that isn't you then I don't know who is in this dark place." Tyrion was immediately awestruck at the blade and surprised at how heavy it was. The grip was cold to the touch, like a giant icicle, or in this case a great many of them. He nodded toward the man who left immediately after and Tyrion went home for the day.

He immediately began training himself in his new weapon religiously, trying to get used to the huge size and weight of the blade. Tyrion trained with it for hours and hours every day unless he needed to sleep, eat, or work. As he grew older he became accustomed to the swords sheer immensity and he could soon wield it fairly well. He then decided he would journey to help people who needed his help across the five continents.

He journeyed for years defending the weak and the innocent and as he journeyed the stronger he grew. The good people of the world began to revere him while the evil greatly feared him as well. He quickly became known as Tyrion The Frozen Harbinger to many people in the world as his blade would often times freeze the corpse of any whom he had to kill. He lived like this for years as he continuously grew in strength and power. Then one day however everything changed.

Tyrion was traveling in Draxia, going toward home where he could rest after his journey when he came across a wretched scene. A man covered in blood with just basic clothing and a blood bathed sword stood before him with countless bodies surrounding him. Tyrion knew immediately that this was not a man that could live. He drew his sword and attacked the man who quickly dodged and tried to counter attack to which Tyrion blocked it with his massive blade.The two danced around in a waltz of death as Tyrion attempted to rid the world of this evil man. Eventually he succeeded, but at terrible cost. As Tyrion stuck the man down with his blade the man swung his sword in desperation. The blade hit Tyrion square in the temple but instead of the edge hitting him the flat side struck him across the temple. Tyrion quickly crumpled with the assault to his balance and the weight of sword and as he fell struck a stone.

When he awoke he was confused. He was covered in blood, countless dead, frozen, bodies surrounded him, and he had the biggest damn sword he had ever seen sitting next to him. He couldn't remember anything about himself at all. Needless to say he thought he had killed all of these people, picked up his blade and noticed it's extremely cold surface before he slung it across his back, and ran.

Luckily a young man happened to idolize Tyrion The Frozen Harbinger and was able to tell him his name. He didn't know about the last part of it. But he now knew his name was Tyrion. He remembered it and started a new journey. He would reclaim his memories no matter what it costs him along the way

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PostSubject: Re: Tyrion    Tyrion         I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 28, 2013 9:04 am

Allo Tyrion, And welcome to Ansgar! A beautiful app here! I do not see anything wrong with it!

 Annnnd off ye goes!

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