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 Dwarven Control Rod

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PostSubject: Dwarven Control Rod   Mon Jun 24, 2013 12:01 am

This is a relic lost to the world... I seemed to have dropped it here. I stopped posting that I had it... So I must have dropped it.

Name: Dwarven Control Rod

A 5 foot rod brass rods with ancient scripture of a long lost language written into it. Made mostly of Copper, it never corrodes. Some ancient magic keeps it in pristine condition, even after being broken in two. It will grow back from the core of the head, no matter how the rest of the staff fares. The broken off part will corrode into dust almost instantly, returning the magic back to the rod.

Accented with Bronze, bolts, gears, clockwork mechanisms and a glass box near the base of the head is supported gold rods running along the base of the box. A superconductor of an electromagnet at the head of the staff. When subjected to a command. The magnet starts spinning and the core can be seen glowing out of the glass box.
Type: Rune weapon
Weapon Skill: Control over any Non-PC Golem,construct, or other artificial life forms. The number of constructs in command is equal to the wielder's Mental Endurance. It obeys to the owner's commands dumbly. No more, no less, and as literally as possible. 
Weakness: Aside from the weakness of the constructs as in terms of structure and integrity remains unique and unchanged in every case. The rod must be on person to be used, and the command must be verbal and Assertive. Again limited to subjects equal to the Mental endurance. The size of any controlled Golem or Construct individually must not exceed 343 cubic feet in all dimensions. (Thats 7 feet tall by 7 feet wide by 7 foot deep block of construct. the volume of that block may be shaped around.)
Extras: Any golem already subjected to the PC's control is not subjected to the rod's limits.

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PostSubject: Re: Dwarven Control Rod   Mon Jun 24, 2013 8:09 pm

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Dwarven Control Rod
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