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 Animo's [Abilities 2]

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Animo Oceanus

Animo Oceanus

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PostSubject: Animo's [Abilities 2]   Animo's [Abilities 2] I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 23, 2013 11:00 am

Name: Dark Lightning
Description: Pulling from his deep sadness Animo uses his emotions to pull forth the lightning from the depths of his soul. Using his pure mana he create a wave of black lightning which has many practical applications in combat. Animo can discharge this lightning either immediately in the form of a beam, or keeping the energy around him and then choosing to discharge it. While contact is made with this lightning around him, the attacker shall take light damage if they attack him with their body, or something conductive.
Weakness: Dark Lightning can be very ineffective when the mana source has been reduced greatly. It takes significant amount of energy to gather and discharge the beam. If not careful Animo can hurt those around him, and even damage the enviroment if the mana used in the lightning was sufficient. When his mana is nearly gone he will have to rely on close distance to utilize the electricity by discharging it by his body.
Range: 100 ft, that diminishes by 1 feet for each percent of his mana gone. For example at 50% mana the beam only goes 50 ft. The beam travels at 60 mph


Replaces Dark Lightning upon Limit Breaker Awakenment being used:

Name: Life Lightning
Description: Delving into a state of higher inner sadness Animo expresses his sadness in animate form, making forms that can move on their own, but upon hitting their target they explode in a violent burst of electricity. This lightning can be used defensively as well as offensively. This lightning may also take any form it chooses. The lightning may appear as a human, beast, or even a missile. However the speed of this animate object may only travel at the amount of mana left and travel at the amount of mana left as well just like black lighting. For example 60% mana left equals 60 ft. The animate object has a mind of its own and homes in on the enemy Animo deems hostile. 
Weakness: Requires Animo to cast his limit breaker, and be somewhat damaged or tired. This abilities effectiveness relies entirely on the mana amount possessed. This figure made of lightning can be pierced by another object, but it must have considerable strength. For example a pebble would have to be thrown with high strength to be able to destroy the lightning before it reaches its target.
Range: For every 1% of Mana remaining equals 1 foot. Lightning travels at 60 mph. 


Name: Ghost Rising
Description: Animo's eyes peer into the demon world, summoning lesser apparitions as they appear through a field beneath his feet. As these apparitions rise they breathe out a dark thick fog, which blinds Animo's opponent, but with Animo's sigh and unique ability to detect these spirits he may track his opponents by having the ghosts latch onto his opponent. While the ghosts themselves are not harmful this thick cloud of fog can gives Animo an upperhand.
Weakness: 5 post cooldown. 3 Post duration. The fog can be cleared away. Only a being with a high siritual awareness (Mental Fortitude equal to Animo) May see these ghosts and destroy them. 
Range: 70 feet around the user. 

Animo's [Abilities 2] Animo_zps21b96270
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~The Pale Noble~

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PostSubject: Re: Animo's [Abilities 2]   Animo's [Abilities 2] I_icon_minitimeSun Jun 23, 2013 12:52 pm

Animo's [Abilities 2] Galvapproval
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Animo's [Abilities 2]
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