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PostSubject: jagan training    jagan training  I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22, 2013 6:40 pm

Cole was walking into the swamps thinking that he could find something in here to train his jagan eye on. He already had his jagan activated and was just walking around looking for an animal to try and communicate with if he could use his telepathy to get an animal to live with him. Then he should be able to use it on a human, as he was walking and thinking to himself he can across a little rodent he looked and tried to talk to it mentally. The rodent seamed to respond when it told it to stop. So he tried to ask it questions but couldn’t get anything back but the animal noises it would normally made. So he decided to move on to something else maybe something with a bit more intellect. He started to walk again this time passing by a pool of water that could be classified as part of the swamp. As he walks by he feels a strange source of power as a monster came shooting out of the water. It looked like swamp thing. Cole started to get into his fighting stance drawing his sword and telling him to back down he didn’t want to fight. The beast was intent telling him that he would kill him before he could even land his first strike. Cole and the beast goes into battle the beast swinging wildly and cole dodging landing strike after strike. Finally a few minutes later the beast falls. Cole tells it that it shouldn’t have been so confident. While the beast asks him why he feels he must keep talking to him in his head that the least he could do was use his voice. As the beast finally dies.

Cole then realizes that he had fought they entire battle using his telepathy to communicate with it. He then realized that he had figured out how to use another one of his eyes abilities leaving just one more to learn.
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jagan training
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