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 mining blues (travishogsed)

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PostSubject: mining blues (travishogsed)   mining blues (travishogsed) I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 22, 2013 10:53 am

Cole walks up to the entrence of the dragon maw taking a sec to look down at the map that was given to him. the people that posted the work ad on the bord said that it shouldn't be to much to move out of the way down their wich is why he took the job in the first place. he figured it would be easy money even if he didn't have a clue on how to mine. how hard could it be to move some rocks and kill some rodents he thought to him self as he started to enter the cave entrance. 

while waking through the cave he started to see that this wasn't a very small cave infact it was huge. it would probably take him a few hours to get to the spot that they showed him on the map then another few hours to find his way throught the section that the map didn't give. plus he needed to draw the map out as he went that way he would be able to know were he is going and how he got their. as he takes off figureing that he could prob make it their in no time if he ran a full speed that way he could take a break before he started to explore the unmaped area of this cave. 

upon reaching were the map stoped and the adventrue begains he stoped and sat down on a rock for a few mins catching his breath before he went on inside the rest of the cave. their he saw all kinds of vains of ors and tools he figured that it was left over from the people that tried to get this done before he came along. he thinks to himself in his head that if they wasn't strong enough to survive down here long enough to map this thing out then they didn't deseave to live to begain with as he kept walking on drawing out the map to the best of his abilities. 

after about an hour down here he comes across a giant stone door laced with gold and had a silver lock on it with the key still in the lock like they was daring someone to open the door. cole thinks to himself for a min and comes to a salution he will open the door and kill or take whatever was in their seeing how he just got to the human relm just a few days ago and could use some coins. he jumps up and grabs the key on one side seeing how the key was bigger then he was, and using his body whight he was able to turn the key enough to were gravity did the rest for him. has the key turned he let himself fall to the ground, and as soon as he touched the ground he pulled his sword off his back ready to fight, but the door didn't open on its own so he walked up and gave it a push with his free hand. the door open just a little bit to were he could see throught the crack. on they other side their was two man both human but something was off about them as they didn't quit look alive but they was standing. 

he walks in and takes a good look at them and sees that they both are wereing a pendant around their kneck. other then that they look dead skin pilling off and missing appendages. they seem to have noticed him at this point and starts to walk towards him slowly. he readys his weapon to be safe incase they attacked him. he stood his ground as they closed in on him. they first one try and takes a swing on him but cole easaly dodges they attack and comes up behind him with his sword sticking it in to his back and then using his foot he pushes the corps off of his blade as it hits the ground. the next one turns to try and hit him, but he drops down to avoid the hit and using his free hand to push himself up he kicks it in the bottom of the chin sending it flying into the air. he quickly jumps up in the air to finish him sliceing into him seven times before they hit the ground. in which the first zombie trys to hit him again not expecting it he conects and cole hits the ground sliding across the floor he uses his hand to recover and quickly gets back onto his feet. 

cole gets a little confused how he could still be alive after he put his sword through his chest, and while he is still thinking the second zombie starts to get up and they both start walking to him again. "ok if you don't die like that then lets see how you fight with out you head" cole yells at them, as he takes off full speed sliceing the first ones head clean off with his katana and spinning on the hill of his foot and taking off again and slices they other zombies head clean off. both bodys hit the floor this time and don't try to get up again. cole stands their for a few minates just to make sure that they won't get back up again. 

after he was sure that they wouldn't get back up he started to look around the room. he sees a chest standing infront of an alter their is a sign above the chest saying that who ever could defeat the guards could take treasure out of the chest. cole walks over and opens the chest to see that it is almost empty as it was except for just a few coins bags in the bottom of the chest. he picked them up and started to look inside to see how much was their. their was about tweenty coins in each bag o well he thinks to himself as he takes the bags and put them into his pants pocket. he starts to leave as he takes out the map and finishes the sketch he needed to do to get paid and leaves.

back outside of the cave he sees the guys who hired him to go into the cave and finish the work they started he guessed. he throws them the map and tells them that if they ever ask him to do something so easy and simple again he would cut them down were they stood, as he walked away with his money from the job.
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mining blues (travishogsed)
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