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PostSubject: Cole    Cole                  I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 4:12 pm

Surname, First Name

Player Character

Name: Cole 
Nickname: cursed child
Gender: male
Visual Age: 16
Real Age: 150
Cole prefers to keep his distance from others, so often cole comes across as aloof and elusive. He has a rather cynical and even misanthropic view of the world around him, often belittling and mocking humans and their emotions and the significance they place on friendship and life. And while he is relatively taciturn, he occasionally squabbles with and insults his teammates. It is obvious that deep down he holds a certain amount of respect and kinship for his teammates.
As a fighter, Cole is very unbiased when it comes to his enemies. He shows the same degree of ruthlessness to his foes - regardless of age or gender. In battle, Cole kills with out mercy and does not hesitate to deliver the final blow, and keeps to his threats. 
He respects those of power, and don't really care for thouse with out it. He is more likely to side with the people with the more power, and help take something over then to side with the weaker side if made to choose. 

Cole                  Tumblr_lvw718isqZ1qm7fazo1_400

Social Affiliation
Morality neutral evil 
Character Type/Race: demon
Country if Applicable: none

Character Statistics

Strength: 3
Speed: 6
Mental Endurance:3
Mana Source : 4
Magical Power:4 

Character History
Cole is known as Imiko" ("cursed child"), because he is a male fire demon born to a kōrime" ("ice maiden"), an all-female race. He was born male because his mother "interacted" with a male fire demon outside her isolationist Koorime community, which led to him being cast out as an infant and thrown over the mountain in which he was born. After surviving his fall down to the surface of Makai, he was found and raised by a gang of bandits, but it didn't last long. After realizing the value of the Tear Stone shed by his mother at his birth, he wore the Stone in full view of everyone, hoping to attract enemies to kill. At the young age of five, prior to his acquisition of the Jagan. As he grew older, he killed mostly for fun, causing those that survived to greatly fear and reject him. After he was rejected, he continued to wear his stone in full view, yet gathered an attachment to it, as it gave him a sense of calmness and kinship. Nonetheless, he lost it when he fought a demon, and he vowed to thenceforth search for it. Later, Cole received the Jagan implant from Shigure, the demon chiropractor/surgeon, in return for telling him the story of his life up to that point in time. Though warned that the surgery would drain Cole of all his (former) strength and that it would be incredibly painful, Cole undertook it anyway. Afterwards, he chose to accept Shigure's lessons in the art of swordsmanship in order to survive. During his stay and training with the demon surgeon, Cole decided to use his implant for what he originally wanted it for - to find the ice village that he was cast from as a child. He also wished to find the special jewel that he had lost in a battle with another demon, the very same one created from his mother's tears when he was a baby. He set out on his journey and thanks to the newly acquired Jagan, found his way back to the Glacial Village where he was originally born in a matter of days. Once there he found that he pitied the ice demons because he felt that as they were, they weren't truely alive to begin with due to their cold hearts and frosty disposition. He had hoped to find his mother, Hina, but would instead find her friend, Ree, the woman who was forced to cast him off the village and into a river below. From her, he found out that his mother had died years ago, having committed suicide due to the depression of losing her son and witnessing his "death".
Cole learns from Ree of the existence of his twin sister,Kira, who left the village without explanation a few years before. However, she also told Cole that it was assumed by herself, and her fellow villagers, that Kira's reasons for leaving were more than likely due to discovering that she had a twin brother, and deciding to seek him out. After she finished answering his questions, he simply turned to leave without another word. However, before he did, she quickly realized Cole's identity as Hina's son, and begs him to kill her then and there for her part in his fate. After appearing to think it over, he refused and continued to walk away.
On his way back to Shigure, Cole decides from then on to use his Jagan to watch over his sister, rather than finding his jewel. So it was, that upon his final departure from the demon surgeon, he decided to pay Shigure for his services as a swords-sensei. As payment for his teachings, Shigure has Cole swear an oath never to tell Kira that he is her brother, should their paths ever cross. Cole accepts the terms and states that he never planned to tell Kira anyway.
After that moment, cole traveled everywhere, intent on finding his sister, Kira. His search eventually took him to the Human Realm. Where he still is looking for her and will never stop till he finds her.
Family History: 

Family Crest:

Family Members:

Theme Song

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PostSubject: Re: Cole    Cole                  I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 5:42 pm

This guy is not happy with the death of Acis


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