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PostSubject: [Silent Hands] Urabrask Solo   [Silent Hands] Urabrask Solo I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 20, 2013 2:29 pm

Urabrask crept through the back alleys of Mertuil, finding a comfortable spot to lay low until the sun dropped. Using his two long whiskers, he rifles through the bag at his side that is strapped around his body and under his shoulder, keeping his possessions secure if he needs to make a quick escape. He pulls out a fairly new sheet of rolled paper and reads over it, rereading any important details.

[Silent Hands Paws]
The target is the large palace two blocks north of The Stiff Ale tavern. Expect hired guards with minimal training. Vault is believed to be in the back and underground. Weasel will drop off contents at Shrieker's stop before noon. DO NOT COMPROMISE THE GUILD. DESTROY NOTES.

Urabrask reviewed the mission a second and third time before shredding it into unreadable pieces with his whiskers. "Not much to go on..." He groused, walking in a circle before laying down on the alleyway road, curled up with his head resting on his tail. It was too light outside to work right now. Timeline or no, staying hidden was the most important aspect of this job. He closed his eyes and let his mind wander to vast amounts of riches and a dream of a life where anything he wanted could be his. This dream carried him through the hours of the day and ended with the arrival of the moon in the sky.

Urabrask let out a yawn and a grunt as he stretched out his body, getting ready for the hopefully easy heist. He stepped out of the alleyway and scurried towards the cathedral mentioned in the note. Like any other rodent, he scurried through the shadows and kept out of sight of any night-owls walking about. The dark blanket of the sky was comforting to him as he moved, confident that he was moving unseen. He climbed onto the roof of a nearby building and looked over at the palace.

"Guarrrds at the frrront gate... Fourrr on the rrright and... Thrrree on the left." He spoke to himself, thinking out every aspect of getting into the building. He decided that if he wanted to get in safely, he'd have to use magic. With that thought, light started to pass through his body, his own form becoming translucent and nearly invisible in the night's embrace. With another burst of energy his body lifted high into the air, the winds themselves escorting him as he descended on the roof of the large palace. There were no visible ways in from the roof he discovered, looking the area over extensively before deciding to try a window.

Once again, the winds rushed to Urabrask's aid and he flew close to the palace walls, finding an open window on the second story of the building. He stepped in quietly, his paws touching the floor without a sound. He could hear a guard approaching from a nearby corner and hovered into the air, clinging to the ceiling like glue as he made his upside-down way through the palace. He spent a good hour simply following guards around and listening to their conversation, picking up whatever useful information he could gather as he carefully narrowed the treasury's location.

From what Urabrask could gather, the entrance to the treasury was on the third floor and that the door was hidden. Carefully making his way to the third floor, he searched the hallways for any identifying marks for what could be a hidden door. Naturally, a quick glance didn't leave him with much to go on, the door was hidden for a reason after all. He decided he would investigate to investigate the rooms next, carefully opening each and every door with the care of brain surgery. Each room he did this with, finding nothing unusual about any of them. He was starting to get a little nervous about the mission.

Urabrask scoured through each room again on the third floor again and again, going through his fourth check when he saw just what he needed. A guard placed his foot on the edge of a potted plant and nudged it over. Instead of dirt spilling over and making a mess, the pot held its diagonal position as a wall opened up and lead down a staircase. He walked along the ceiling directly over the guard and followed him along the secret pathway. Light was dim once the wall had closed again, a series of sparsely placed torches being the only providers of light. The stairs traveled down a considerable distance, leaving Urabrask to guess this staircase ran through the entire center of the building.

The stairs led to a large room where guards were just starting to swap rotation. Urabrask found this incredibly lucky, easily slipping past the distracted guards and into a back room at the far end of the large entrance. If he were expecting luxurious treasures of gold and diamond, he would have been most disappointed. Instead, there was a sole piece of rolled up paper with a blood red seal binding it. He thought about opening the rolled paper, but decided against it so that he wouldn't risk compromising his reward. His whiskers wrapped around the paper and slipped it into his rear pouch, the paper immediately blending into his cloak spell.

The way out of the mansion was considerably easier than the way in. Just a simple retracing of his steps and he quickly found himself exiting into the fresh outdoors through the second story window. His magic was just about drained by the time he had landed in the alleyway where this mission had started. Deciding to hoof the rest of the distance to the drop zone, he made the delivery on time. The voice of well earned gold was always sweet, but he couldn't help but wonder what that rolled paper contained. He simply shrugged off the nagging feeling and departed for a shady area to catch some sleep.
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[Silent Hands] Urabrask Solo
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