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Animo Oceanus

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PostSubject: Animo Oceanus    Animo Oceanus  I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 18, 2013 4:05 pm

Oceanis, Animo

Player Character

Animo Oceanus  ANIMOo_zps53a0c74e

Name: Animo Oceanus
Nickname: The Cursed One
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 17
Real Age: 17
Personality: Animo is a quiet, calculating man. He is very detail oriented, and is the type to stay in the background unnoticed. Due to his affliction he does not care about "death", but is more wary of the pain he experiences after being reborn. This approaching pain he feels from dying constantly is a constant fear which troubles him endlessly, even though his face may appear calm. 

Animo has the potential to be a leader, but rejects other people because of a developed distrust of humans from his childhood experiences in Draxia. Even though he is distrustful he looks kindly upon others, but will most likely never get close to anyone. 

Appearance:Animo Oceanus  Noctis-color2_zps4dc62827
Social Affiliation
Morality: Good.
Character Type/Race: Cursed Human
Country if Applicable: Draxia

Character Statistics

Mental Endurance:3
Mana Source :6 
Magical Power:6

Character History
Background: Animo was born as the bastard son to a high lord, and his mother was a high born lady from a rival family. To escape abandonment from their families they were forced to abandon Animo and sent him to a large orphanage.

While at the orphanage Animo was never alone as a baby. At night he could hear strange whispers, and as moonlight shined from the windows of the orphanage strange figures of light and darkness seemed to argue. Facinated, Animo stared at the figures the first time they came to visit. One figure was hulking man, and the other figure was the size of a normal man. Not known to Animo these were the gods Turpar, and Galgamorth fighting over a child who showed much promise. 

The gods both argued selfishly to make the child their vessel. Galgamorth wanted him for a seemingly despicable plot, and Turpar wanted to be idolized through a material form and rule above everyone becoming the supreme god. When the two finally clashed and battled for control and found themselves evenly matched, they cursed the child so neither would use his body for their deeds. Turpar split a piece of his soul into the boy warding him from Galgamorth. Galgamorth in turn cursed the boy causing the boy to die, and then be reborn in an endless cycle over and over again.

Due to the god's influence on the boy he would often die as a baby then wake up to find himself perfectly alive, and those who found him dead had miraculously forgotten. These events somehow were altered in the minds of others. As he grew older he died more, only being directed to sanity by the soul of the god which was cemented in him. This sliver of Turpar's soul ended up developing it's own personality just like fragments of Unilos. Instead of being conceited and selfish Turpar's soul became an almost father-like voice to Animo. Animo found himself happy when the soul would comfort him.

When Animo grew to the age he would have to leave the orphanage he found the cruel world which existed outside. The people in the orphanage were nice for the most part. The people on the outside were often rude, and selfish. Animo had no problem stealing from them because of this. Animo realized he had to survive, and the only way he could do that in this harsh atmosphere was steal from anyone he could. For this reason Animo often fit in with some of the younger teens around the marketplace who would steal as well, but never tried to get too close. One time Animo had gotten caught and sentenced to death, only to awaken next to a building to watch his body hanging from the gallows. 

After dying so many times his fear of pain, and tolerance both elevated. He strives to remove the curse and track down the death god, but with no information he had to rely on his ability to track, observe, and survive. When he reached the age of 15 Turpar's soul faded away, leaving him alone. Now Animo currently searches the world for the death god, constantly coming across many troublesome situations. His powers over lightning and death allow him to reanimate life. Not even he fully understands his own potential.

Family History: 

Family Crest:

Family Members:

Theme Song:

- In latin Animo Oceanus means Animate Ocean. I used this name, because Animate is a term used to describe a living being, and an Ocean's currents move and take you places. Basically he is a constantly living character with the unique travel ability of displacement through death, though he has no control over his actual death or location after.

- After death Animo may be able to feel pain from dying. This is called phantom ache. This can make it so fighting may be difficult or he may need to take time to recover after dying. 
Alternate Profiles: 

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Animo Oceanus
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