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PostSubject: Rion Siamanaeth   Rion Siamanaeth I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 8:02 pm

Siamanaeth, Rion

Player Character

Name: Rion Simanaeth
Gender: Male
Visual Age: ~35
Real Age: 37
Personality: Rion is generally a reserved individual, going out of his way to avoid moments of high tension, particularly those brought on by amorous intentions of anger. He is just as capable as the next guy in functioning in such situations, but his reservedness more often than not can lead to confrontations of the unpleasant kind. It is both a style choice and somewhat religious in origin; there is little point in getting worked up over momentary distractions. He is generally friendly, in a vague, noncomittal sort of way. It is good to not make connections you may have to break later. There is a level of self preservation in his attitudes, coupled with or perhaps consuming a simple desire to continue to exist, independent of coercion.


Social Affiliation
Morality CN - Chaotic Neutral
Character Type/Race: Human
Country if Applicable: Harrogath

Character Statistics

Strength: 5
Speed: 5
Stamina: 5
Charisma: 1
Mental Endurance: 5
Mana Source : 2
Magical Power: 2

Character History
Background: For a human, Rion is in the later stages of his life; this is even more true of someone of his particular nationality, as the harsh landscape of his home leads to shorter lives than are possible elsewhere in the land. This late in his life, he has decided to explore the continent, regretting what he views as a wasted youth, spent doing nothing more than surviving and existing, never thriving. He knows that if he were anything other than his father's son, he'd have let his body go and at this age be feeling the warning signs of age, the aches and pains of a life nearing its end, the heralds of a body falling apart.
His parents were both residents of the marshes of Harrogath, striving to eke out an existence among the rushes and beasts of the desolate landscape. They married as a social necessity, wedding the future of two roving bands of citizens together, and had no exceptional care for one another. The birth of Rion was a necessity more than anything else; who would there be to carry his father's name into perpetuity if they either had no children or had daughters? 
In keeping with this attitude of necessity, Rion's childhood was barely that. His family did not celebrate his naming day other than a brief acknowledgement each year, and increasingly difficult demands on his mind and physique, as they both trained him in the ways of survival in their harsh home and trained him in the hope that he would be as successful as they were, before him. He had no siblings, as his parents believed their duty to the survival of their culture done with him, and caring for additional children would be a waste of resources better focused on just the three of them.
His birth occurred when they were both late in life, in the middle of their third decade, and as a result his mother died before he was old enough to claim his own woman. When he reached the age of maturity that his father's band ascribed to, he was left to his own devices. His father had accomplished his duty to his tribe and produced a second healthy and contributing member to the human race, and was thus done with Rion and could go his own way as was proper a man in his 50s should do.
The next twenty years are a morass of nothing, he lived hanging on to the threads of civilization that were all that penetrated the deep nothingness of the northern reaches of the country. He fought, claimed his spoils, and did his brief yet necessary share of farming and procreation, though his took place earlier than his parents had, so he was free to leave the mother and youth before his life ended, before the time that even his father had left, to accomplish the goals that had always simmered just below the surface. He was a man unsatisfied with his lot, and determined and able to pursue other things at that late stage in his life.

Family History: ^^^

Family Crest:

Family Members:

Theme Song Given and Denied

Alternate Profiles:
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PostSubject: Re: Rion Siamanaeth   Rion Siamanaeth I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 15, 2013 9:47 pm

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