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PostSubject: Ardicus Patrinell   Ardicus Patrinell I_icon_minitimeFri Jun 14, 2013 5:15 pm

Life Skills

 Patrinell, Ardicus 

Player Character

Name:Ardicus Patrinell
Nickname: Arddy
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 24
Real Age: 110
Personality:Interactions between others are taken lightly and jokingly. He often chides people he is around in order to better form relationships with them. He is a very calm and collected individual who is highly interested in anything pertaining to magic. Arddy cherishes his friends and is very loyal to anyone who earns it.
    In combat Arddy is a force of power, he is cold and calculating and uses his magic in the most effective way to end a conflict. Arddy stays calm in battle and tries to think ahead of his opponents. If cunning does not work he relies on his elemental magic and spells to force his enemy into submission.

Appearance:Ardicus Patrinell 1570713-mtg_jace_cover
But instead of a white guy, I am a Dark Elf with the sigils tattooed all over my body.
Social Affiliation
MoralityChaotic Good
Character Type/Race: Dark Elf
Country if Applicable:Hammerstad

Character Statistics

Strength: 2
Speed: 2
Mental Endurance:2
Mana Source : 6
Magical Power: 5

Character History
Background: Ardicus's history is a dark one, we will begin with his childhood. At the age of 7 years old he still lived with a small colony of  dark elves who had grown accustomed to life on the surface. He remembers the bandit attacks as vividly as if they happened yesterday his father putting him in the cold cellar beneath their two bedroom cottage. The rasp of sword being drawn from sheath as his father tried to protect him and his mother. His parent's screams echoed passed the floor boards his fathers  attempt was futile. Ardicus laid in the far corner of the cellar where no light could reach crying and wishing  he could do something to help. He remembers hearing the sounds of the bandit's exodus from his village and then he remembers crying until he was too exhausted to do anything else but sleep. As days passed after this incident Arddy laid outside of his cottage weary and a steps away from starvation and death when he heard the whistling a cheery tune that flowed freely around the landscape as if it was one with the wind and trees themselves. Arddy found himself smiling at the tune as he faded into blackness. He awoke looking upward at stars and he was moving somehow. still very week he managed to see he was under covers and there was food beside him, the drivers voice seemed to come from everywhere at once but it was nice and cheery and it offered him food and comfort. The driver had found him as he lay dying in the ruins of his old life intrigued by the boy who had survived an attack of that magnitude he decided to bring him along. The boy was untrusting at first and would not let the  older man touch him; they were both of elven blood the boy of dark elf and himself of the forest races. The old man kept driving back towards his shack just whistling to burn off some of his excess mana.
     As time moved forwards the old man picked up on Arddy's natural gift of magic and he subtly helped him hone and be able to focus his energy while educating him in magical lore and the knowledge's of  arcane mediums. years passed  but finally the old man taught him minor orisons that he could use his power gained slowly over years progressing the same pace as other elven children. The old man taught the child not only the ways of magic but how to survive in the forests and hills of all the lands they travelled hunting with bow and trap as well as defensive and offensive melee combat basics but their consisted mostly gathering information and knowledge from all over the five lands of Lorccan. Taverns, road sides, lost trails and stables became their home while they travelled, Arddy and his master lived contently and happily gathering information and rumors and practicing their magic's together. Arddy was progressing quite well in his studies but his actual manifestation of any magic was lacking he could say the spells and could combine all of the components the old man could see the magic build up within him but when time came to project the man outward it never managed to come out fully. He could know how to cast every spell in the world but it would fizzle out before completing the cast. Master puzzled over this for a few years as Arddy practiced his skills and completed his studies then it hit him all at once as they travelled one day through a rather densely wooded forest. The master having been this way before  charged deep into the forest almost losing Arddy in his wake. The pace set by his master was vigorous and reckless all the same head first through thickets and brambles he charged and he was whistling and smiling all the same. All at once master stopped abruptly  in a small clearing looking at a small dark tree that was twisted and bent but looking closer it seemed the tree had a magic of its own. walking carefully master stepped up to the tree and whistled a loud sundering noise and the three responded by extending a limb no, not a limb a shaft of the dark wood straight as a fletchers arrow six feet in length and one and half inches in diameter. Master steps closer and in a language unknown to Arddy speaks with the tree calmly and sure as if talking to an old friend then he bows to the tree and reaches and grasps the limb which comes free with no resistance as if given willingly. The master turns to Arddy and smiles a very weary smile and offers him the staff. Rowan wood master explained to him that in special case a foci was needed to channel ones magic through. Training with the staff proceeded much as the former training had lots of build up but to no avail. One day while setting camp by a stream master sent Arddy to catch some fish for dinner obediently Arddy set out. about an hour into his trek down stream with only two fish in his pouch Arddy looked to the skies because he caught a small stench of smoke wafting by the plume was coming from the direction of camp. In a fluster Arddy took out with a vigor and worry that only a son could have for his father.  When he arrived with in fifty yards of the camp site he heard the sounds of a fight and getting to where he could see he peered around in a desperate search for his master. At the edge of the clearing he heard a yelling as several more bandits gathered around a solitary target. Upon looking closer Ardicus saw at least seven bodies laying all around all of them seemed to be bandits but his master was no where to be found. That's when he heard the whistling from the far side of the clearing a constant sound  battered his ears as he crept closer it gained in volume and in power his master was fighting the bandits. At least ten more bandits surrounded the old man who was down on one knee with Arddy's rowan staff held above his head in a defensive gesture runes and sigils that were never there burned on the surface of the staff blue with power and the seemed to be fading in and out against the constant assault of projectiles from the bandits. Arddy did not know what he  could do frozen in fear he watched as his master bore off the bandits attack wave after wave. when it seemed that his master was about the collapse with strain and over use of his magic another being stepped into the clearing. A black helmet sat on its bulking head, shoulders covered in skins and hides of a multitude of different animals rippled with muscles. The campfires cast a unworldly glow on the green skin of the orc bandit that stood in front of his master smiling wickedly. The orc stepped forward towards his weakened master and struck fully the master parried the blow with his staff and regained his footing sloppily. Locked into battle the master fought hard and defended well against the orc but his magical reserves were quickly retreating. The battle was intense and savage sword hit spell and staff shot flame in a wild dance that was beautiful in its own way. The master struck the orc at his feet and then hit him with enough magical force to knock down a full grown giant. The orc lay there not moving, only then could Arddy find the strength to leave his hiding spot and rush towards his master in relief. His master turned to greet him and began to walk in his direction weary and tired before Arddy could reach him a stricken look came across his masters face and a scream came from the throat that had only ever whistled or laughed. Master hit his knees and fell forward releasing the staff and his defenses. Behind master on one knee was the orc barely alive and smiling in a rage with frenzy in his eyes. Arddy felt a wave of hate wash over him he was rushing forward before his mind knew what was happening. As  he ran by his masters body his staff flew to his hand in a motion the blue runes and sigils still glowing brightly he centered the staffs end upon the weakened orc's forehead and with a primal yell he released all of the built up emotion and magic which sent the dying bandit across the clearing slamming into the trees and sending his soul to the realm of the undead.  Arddy traced his steps back to his master crying profusely as he watch his master dying in front of him he whistled a song a sad song that carried magic and meaning. The song was one of sorrow and one of an oath to learn more to travel and to be as good of a man as his master was.
Family History:

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Family Members:

Theme Song

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