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Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage AnsgarWordcount-2


 Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage

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Cyren Zegheim

Cyren Zegheim

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PostSubject: Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage   Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 8:40 pm

Cluskio, Kryn

NPC Information
Name: Kryn Cluskio
Nickname:  -
Gender:  Male
Visual Age:  14
Real Age: 15
Personality: He is a young aspiring magic user who loves sweets almost as much as his master. He is apprenticed to Cyren Zegheim, but is too young to travel with him. His mother will let Cyren take him out to practice him magic and fighting skills, but at the moment will only allow her son to move within the country and still not too far from the City of Harrogath. He's almost a mimic of Cyren, only he's a bit nicer than him. Another thing, this boy is a horrible liar. If he knows things, don't let him get captured.

Social Affiliation
Morality:Chaotic Good
Character Type/Race: Human
Country: Harrogath

NPC Statistics

Strength:  Poor [3]
Speed:  Below Average [4]
Stamina:  Poor [3]
Charisma: Incompetent [1]
Mental Endurance: Below Average [4]
Mana:  Human (Average) [5]
Magical Power:  Human (Average) [5]

Character History
Background: Born from a relatively not rich family, Kryn had no money to learn magic, as it was already spent on his basic education. He still found time to practice the art of magic just as his father had. He'd not had enough time to practice as he would like to. That was before he'd been deemed "too smart" for basic education and kicked out of school.

Now, with nothing to do, and too young for anyone around his home to seriously hire him, he sat alone inside all day. He lived on the outskirts of Harrogath city, practically not even part of the city.

But soon after being rejected from school, some ruffians wanted stuff. Expensive stuff? Aw hellz nah, expensive people have guards! They wanted poor people stuff.

Luckily, Cyren had been following them. They had recently stolen from an employer of his and he had lost pay saying he'd hunt them free of charge. He wasn't too happy with that, so he felt like taking it out on these three.

Poor bastards. Almost feel sorry for them. ALMOST. I would if Cyren had killed them, but he don't roll like that. During Cyren's entire stay in Harrogath city that week, Kryn followed the young man around. When he was finally caught and asked to be his apprentice, Kryn nodded and told him to ask his mother first.

Family History:  -

Family Crest: -

Family Members: -

Miscellaneous -

Source: :P
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PostSubject: Re: Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage   Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 9:18 pm

Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage Galvapproval
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Kryn Cluskio, The NPC Mage
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