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Mining Blues Mission [closed] AnsgarWordcount-2


 Mining Blues Mission [closed]

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Mining Blues Mission [closed] Empty
PostSubject: Mining Blues Mission [closed]   Mining Blues Mission [closed] I_icon_minitimeWed Jun 12, 2013 11:18 pm

Galvesar wrote:
Copper Mission
[Mining Blues]

Rewards: 300 gold
Requirements: None
Word Count: 500 word minimum
Description: The dusty coal covered job board in Hammerstad has a small job posting looking for a Sucker I mean volunteer to clear an unmapped section of tunnels discovered deep within the dragons maw. They have reasons to believe considerable amounts of valuables and treasure may be at the other end…either that or terrible doom. Native creatures alone in these depths are a trouble to deal with…but ghosts and other horrors also lurk below.

Surface-Dwellers have no place in Hammerstad. To earn your daily bread, you would have to work in the most unforgiving conditions for barely more than the cost of the bread itself. Rakust would have left Hammerstad if he had the funds to make it out of there. He had no means of income, his golem was busted and a miracle that it still worked. It had no selling value. The same notion can be said about his armor. Dirty, bent, and barely working, it was surprising that it kept functioning. His drone workers were cheap run-of-the-mill helper golems that would probably be worth more in weight of scrap metal.

He lied down in an alcove in the bottom of a dwarven-made ravine that scars the mountain of the Dragon's Maw. He heard  the familiar clicking of his helper drone climbing down the walls of the ravine. He looked up at the top of his alcove to see a spider-like drone climb in onto the ceiling. Carrying a piece of paper in its metallic mandibles. It chittered in clicks and whirs as it approached Rakust, poking the paper with one of its legs and handing it to his Master. There was holes riddling the paper as he read it but for the most part, it described a decent reward to anyone who dug into the ravine which lead into the Dragon's maw and into a uncharted area. Whether or not it had valuables or not was not the point of this reward, only to chart the place.

He was in luck! The place was actually in the ravine that he was in. He would not have much to travel, and with a hiss of steam, he jumped up quickly and started to bound towards the Maw. Using steam charges to extend his walking length. Right at the last second, the drone attached itself to the boot flying off and snuggled in and retracted its legs, looking like nothing more and a large metallic bolt on his greaves.

The bottom of the ravine had a small river through it, where the small amount of water that fills Hammerstad cities below. His legs picked back up the water as he bounded about to the base of the mountain. It did not have a cave actually. Being a miner in a past profession, he could tell this was the work of a cave in, and a Dwarf was standing next to the mine, looking at rakust and holding a pickaxe into the ground. As Rakust approached, it clicked and jerked as it moved to speak, "Are you here for the job surface dweller?" It said in a metallic voice. The signs of a life like golem.

"Um... Err... y-yes. I-i-i am." He stuttered. "y-ye want me t-to chart d-dee um... area?"

"Processing inquiry: Correct, Inside there should be a runecraft artifact that needs to be reclaimed. If you find it, it needs to be recovered to me for disposal." 

"o-okay I-ill do it." He said and the dwarf-Golem handed him the pickaxe, to which Rakust got to work. After about a half hour of sweaty shoveling, he stopped brushed his hair and called for rocky to assist him. The Dwarf Golem never moved an inch. Together they tore through the cave in in just a matter of hours. They easily uncovered the previous mine, making sure to use Rocky to carve large stone plinths to support the roof with excess boulders. The day moved on into the evening. Farther and Farther they went into the depth of the maw, Finally uncovering something artificial in means of architecture. It looked to be an antechamber of some sorts with a huge stone door in front of them. Rakust moved to Open the door and it did not budge. Locked of course. So Rakust commanded Rocky to bust down the door. 

It pounded and Pounded on the door, each strike ripping the hinges off the wall just ever so slightly until finally it busted through. Inside was a circular hemi-domed room, with in the center a small pedestal with a rod sticking out of it. As he approached the center to grab the rod, a loud booming Voice thundered out.


And a Giant crashed down from the ceiling.  Rakust barely made it our of the way by using his steam vents to burst out of the way. Stumbling down, he got a good look at the giant. It was a Giant golem, much bigger and finely crafted than rocky Studded and plated with onyx and obsidian, as opposed to his stone, there was no match. Obviously the ancestors sent their best to protect a runecraft. He scampered behind rocky, begging it to protect him. Rocky charged at it, only to get stopped dead in its bullrush charge. The Onyx one literally picked up rocky and casually chucked him across the room. Rakust was scampering to get up just as it was charging at him to squish him like a bug. Once again his steam vents managed to dodge it once more. But not before getting hit in the leg and breaking the armor on it. Water spread all over, and he had barely a charge left to go, and a single option to use: The Rune weapon!

Rocky was up and bullrushing again at Rakust's Command, this time to stop him. This time it grabbed the onyx one in a bear hug fashion. Rakust used all of his charges left to get to the rune weapon, his armor heating up uncomfortably without the coolant of water. He grabbed the staff, which he could feel the rush of power coursing through him. While awestruck by the influx of information, he watched Rocky's arms get torn apart and charge at him. Rakust threw his arms up defensively and screamed for onyx to stop, and it did. Like Clockwork, its hands only moments away from crushing him. 

He told onyx to self destruct when he and rocky left the room safely, and it complied obediently. And when he waved the rod over the job golem dwarf, he told him to delete all data bout the possessing the rod, and to report that there was a hostile onyx golem in the cave that was disabled.

For that the Dwarf golem opened up a chamber and rewarded him properly and innocently as if nothing ever happened.
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Mining Blues Mission [closed] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mining Blues Mission [closed]   Mining Blues Mission [closed] I_icon_minitimeThu Jun 13, 2013 7:26 pm

Mining Blues Mission [closed] Galvapproval
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Mining Blues Mission [closed]
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