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As per Galv's request~
[6/11/2013 11:57:18 PM] GALVS SKYPE NAME HERE: I would be quite alright if you wanna write any kinda history for the dwarves as they are not key players in anything so far

Ancient History

Lore and old hieroglyphs told of a huge war between the elves and the dwarfs. This war became so violent, that the scale of the damage was indescribable. Even before the fall of Meritul. Elves affinity with mana was so great that they were almost unstoppable. However, the dwarfs knew of a technique called Runecrafting that they were able to store the power of any magic inside of them. This was mainly placed into weapons and armor. For this reason, the dwarfs climbed ladder of power slower. Soon the elves found out about the Runecrafting, and the fabled "War of the Submersion" began. Elves had the knowledge to pull an endless amount of mana into any single attack they chose. This was highly destructive and damaging to the Planestream of the mana's Stability. What that meant is that if they used too much, the plane would wither and collapse. The mana to support the plane would not exist anymore, But that did not matter to the elves. All they cared about was the climb to the top of the food chain. And only one race had a fighting chance: The dwarves. The elves may be able to nuke at the snap of a finger, but they were still mortal, and their birthrate was slower than the multiplying dwarves. Still for each kill the dwarves made, the runecrafting became stronger. They stored the soul of the killed victim and made a weapon as powerful as the soul that it stole. The Dwarfs suffered many casualties to reach their first kill. But that was enough. They now had the power to nuke at the swing of a hammer. They decided to hide underground. Away from their physical sight. And it became a valid tactic. They dug down and around. Striking from below taking the souls of the archmagis that threatened them so long before. This can be seen today, all the dirt they dug up is now known as the Dragon's Maw.

But it was not long before the Elves became aware of their tactics, but then the damage was done. They were now fighting on equal number's and Firepower. The dwarfs were winning through attrition warfare. Now the elves struck back. Scrying through the ground, looking for channels and caves that the Dwarves dug to attack their cities, and they responded by getting a circle of archmagi's together and planesstripping a gravity warp spell on their headquarters.

Many lives were lost in this cave in. But it was not completely crushed and the city still remains as the Exalted city of the Bergea Forges. The dwarves fought back by using their runecrafted weapons and armor to literally move the earth aside. The bulk of the army all collectively moved to the square and struck the caving earth. The force colliding with two extremes were so much that the city literally sunk miles below the surface, and it forced the earth Deep below. Making it known as the Chasm of the Petrified, parts of Bergea Forges can be seen as the castle that leans over the gaping hole. If it were not for the miracle of the dwarf's architecture and engineering the city would melt in the magma that it now floated in. After all, they runecrafted everything. Including the walls of the city. The rest of Bergea Forges became lost to time. It is still intact, but unknown to the world. Whether or not dwarves survive in Bergea Forges today is not known.

The war was become too damaging, The last attack threatened the entire world from literally cracking in half, or worse still, blowing it up. Inactive Mountain ranges bled with lava, Tectonic plates moved and screamed in agony, The air was coughing in smoke, and even the seas roared in pain. All of the other races were hiding in the caves that the dwarves made in their attempt to hide as well. They needed to come to a ceasefire, both of them did, and they knew it. The leaders of each race came to each other, their entire enlisted army behind each other. The tension would break any mortal man. After all the fate of the entire world depend on one word.


The leader of the dwarves, Nirad Runebeard, and the leader of the Elves, Isilindil Amandil, debated upon weeks without sleep, and neither did their armies. There was simply too much at stake, and this tension could cut the planes with just how much pressure was at stake. They each demanded retribution, revenge, compensation, and fault. But at this point, none of the points they demanded meant anything without the other rebutting the same point. So many lives were lost, and there was no way to compensate. Their agreement was as such

"The elves would dispose of their spellbooks. Each and every book will be burned. The knowledge of planesripping must be forgotten. The dwarfs would destroy the rune weapons to the best of their abilities, and the Runecrafter would take his own life to keep the knowledge from ever being taught again."

However that was easier said than done. The elves complied with their side fairly easily. While the power of magic would dwindle from rewriting it from memory and the lesser generation would falter for it; It would never become the same as this did. They adopted a repenative culture to "Make up" for the damage done however the motivations were lost in time and became their standard of culture. The Dwarves however, had trouble destroying the rune weapons. And worse yet, Nirad would eventually have to kill himself. He was the one who invented the runecrafting. The weapons were as strong as the soul that it held. And because of that, they needed a weapon of equal to or stronger power to break it. For this reason they could not completely rid the world of these horrendous weapons of mass destruction. So they decided to cast them away, seal them in volcanoes, Ask the elves to warp them into space, into the sun, or simply to another plane. The dwarves did their best, but they simply could not rid the world of it. But they did make the world a safer place. After these deeds were done, Nirad called his fellow runeforgers and with a small decree of honor, they took each other's life at the center of the great forge in the center of the town.

The decree was such: "We as the dwarven race, We as the ancestors' survivors, We look back upon our Father's Fathers and honor their decision. We value their mistakes, and look to them to the betterment of our generation. We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. We must not take into to the errors of the ancestors and the surface dwellers again. We take pride being the survivors of our ancestors, and for that we shall honor that pride to be born in the same soil that they died in."

Some of the weapons and armors are being uncovered today and the PC's use them today. They just don't know it. If a PC "finds" a fancy weapon somewhere in the world, chances are its runecrafted. The magic of runecrafting is not completly forgotten, but a good portion of it is. This being said Dwarves being crafty the way they were found other ways to advance their might, including a loophole of runecrafting. While Runecrafting was the imbuement of magic directly into an object that captured magic unto itself. They developed focal crystals that made it so that they can program the crystals to program the object to which the crystal is embedded into to perform any given task. This technology was called Articificing.

Steam technology was not too far behind, as the need for water to be transported to upper and lower levels of the cities, they quickly understood water evaporation due to heat of magma, and condensation under cooling, with that being said it began as a simplistic vacuum tubes powered by geothermal energy to transport water to desired levels to their requested spots. It then developed to advanced golem making where magical focal crystals act as a heating source to move the golem around with heating and cooling system hydraulics. Its funny how necessity is the mother of invention!


Whether or not the story was historically accurate, or a metaphorical parable. Both senses were accepted just as ready as life and death. Throughout the ages later, this decree became the national statement of Hammerstad, But its meaning was intended to be metaphoric, was now taken literally. The order eventually came to that if any dwarf became a surface dweller, no matter what the reason. The punishment was Ostracism. They would be dishonored from their caste and there was no redemption for them, both legally and faithfully. The surface dwarves could have been Nirad Runebeard for their ancestor's sake, But still they could not find redemption. The lines "We look back upon our Father's Fathers and honor their decision." was also taken literally, you were born into caste that you would eventually grow up in, find a career in, and eventually die in. The only way to move up the ladder would be through marriage. And through the hope in their child. Their child can choose whether to pick the richer caste, or the poorer one. But they had to be careful, once they make a decision, there is no going back.

Surface dwellers could still help their country. Several jobs were availible, but they did not pay well. It was enough to put a crude roof for rent over their head, and food to survive to the next paycheck. For one they could take up the Golemstruction camps in Granashard, they could take up ranks in the militia for hots and cots, or they could act as mercent envoys between the surface dwellers and the citizens of Hammerstad delivering sealed chests to and fro. But one thing was for sure, they were not allowed to live under hammerstad soil again.

On a Militaristic Standpoint, they are always playing the defensive. If they leave to the surface as surface dwellers, they are by law cast out of their legal jobs (Like the military XD) and are exiled. Only their patriotic honor remains if they want to bring glory to hammerstad, but their name will be forgotten and your deeds will only be remembered as "The surface dwellers" who brought fame to hammerstad. So they are waiting for the enemies to attack, only to wither them down with the endless number of automatronic traps and seige weapons and golems that defend the place, only to fight them on their home turf: Underground.
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hammerstad Stuffs
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