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PostSubject: Rakust Shardil   Rakust Shardil I_icon_minitimeTue Jun 11, 2013 6:54 pm

Rakust Shardil

Life Skills
Limit Breaks

Player Character

Name: Rakust Shardil
Nickname: Rustshard
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 28
Real Age: 25
Introversal, almost to a autistic extent. He prefers to keep to himself and his experiments, always tinkering and fiddling with his toys. When in a social environment his hands are itching to move, so you would see him twiddling a screwdriver, or fingering a nail. He would seek to end conversations quickly, and prefers to have things in writing, so he can get to them "on his own time."

In combat he is a coward, pure and simple. He relies on his tools to a fault. When they break, he is at a loss and at that point will try to run or hide. When then he will try to overcome a battle of fight or flight. Will he return and fight, Or will he turn tail and run? The ratio is about as random as a coin flip.

Frail and lean build, Unkempt, dirty blonde hair, more dirt on him than the ground more likely than not. Overall looks make him seem weaker than he appears. His skin is pigmented green almost entirely from copper corrosion.

His bangs part from the right of center, making the left side of his bangs shorter than the part to the right. He has hair about shoulder length from the sides, parted with his ears, and kept into a crude banded ponytail on the back. His face is covered by a brass mask that resembles a shape similar to a modern day doctor's mask. This mask expands and contracts as his mouth moves, you can see bronze insides as it stretches out. His bangs are held up by a pair of goggles of similar materials. His goggles are trifocaled in scope, allowing minor telescopic and microscopic sight.

His torso is mostly covered by a cloth-of-bronze shoulder-length cape. Inside is a brass mail shirt reaching just above his waistline, and just before the elbow. his back hold a gadget of six brass cylinders which whistles are attached to the back of them, and steam can be seen, almost at all times, rising from the tips. These cylinders jut out in a menacing way, akin to that of a porcupine, and near the back side lies a copper tank that holds a fan on top of it, so a faint humming is always heard when it is not full. This is a condenser and a vacuum all in one, which captures excess humidity and/or precipitation out of the air to restock water supplies. On his arms are massive bronze-and-Copper gauntlets reaching out to his elbows. They are roughly 4 times the size of his arm, They contain vents and wires wrapping around him to his water tank, and contains a small internal mana battery, which heats the water to steam, and the vents power his augmentations, including movement unrestricted.

His legs are covered in a brass and copper tasset. Which hides a bronze studded leather cargo pants below. Similar to his gauntlets, greaves take over his legs in a steampunk fashion.

Social Affiliation
Morality Neutral good
Character Type/Race: DORF!
Country if Applicable: Hammerstad

Character Statistics

Strength: 3
Speed: 3
Stamina: 4
Charisma: 1
Mental Endurance: 2
Mana Source : 6
Magical Power:  6

Character History
Rakust was born into the caste of the Shardil and the Ebonbeard ancestry. A jewelcrafter and a blacksmith respectively. He was born from both respected casts. He had the choice to be anything he wanted to be. But first was needing to know the honor of his ancestors. He was sent to a school of each of his castes. He learned quickly the great history of where The first dwarfs made their home underground eons ago.

Rakust was born of the father, Delrak Ebonbeard, and the mother, Delgin Shardil. He had the choice to be an artificer or a Jewelcrafter. And after his schooling, He decided to take to jewelcrafting for several reasons. One and foremost, it was the richest of the two castes. And the parents were proud of it. Secondmost, He decided to dig, looking for the works of his ancestors. Looking for old treasures hidden in old collapsed caverns, and not to mention to find those very jewels his profession needed.

He took up some of the articificing to help him on digging and recovering materials. He got so well at articificing that even though he was legally a jewelcrafter, he was more adept at being an artificer. This helped him dig, a LOT.

But he became obsessed with looking for the ruins of his ancestors. His profession simply became a way to make money and survive. He continued to dig, finding a small channel that he did not know lead to a elven settlement. But he dug anyway. But then his digging became sloppy. He forgot to place supports, He forgot to dig in an arch, not in a square. It was a disaster waiting to happen. But he did not care, He wanted to strike big, and he did.... Sorta.

He struck soil once, a forgotten substance to the dwarves. They fed on cave mushrooms, animals that farmed on the said mushrooms, and beer brewed from literally everything.

The cave collapsed, He wore armor his father gave him but it still dinged and bent under the pressure of the rocks. He was in a bad situation. His lungs were unable to move under the bent metal, and he was suffocating. He was certain he was going to die.

But his artificial animation interfered for the better as the gauntlets he designed interlocked with the collapse and with a glowing flash of light the rock moved off of him. He unearthed a steam powered golem lost in the earth. Exhausting his water into this golem reactivated it and caused it to take a priority of protecting the master who reactivated it.

Light cracked through the cave-in. And as the Golem moved to the cave he dug out, the roof collapsed, exposing the sun above.

He had become an outcast he believed, and as a surface dweller he thought he was shunned from his life as a Dwarf of Hammarstad, and now the Dwarf of Rakust the Surface Dweller and his Golem companion.

Family History:

Rakust was born into the caste of the Shardil and the Ebonbeard ancestry. A jewelcrafter and a blacksmith respectively.

Family Crest:

Family Members:
Rakust was born of the father, Delrak Ebonbeard, and the mother, Delgin Shardil.

Theme Song


Alternate Profiles:

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