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 Kyria Lyris

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Kyria Lyris

Kyria Lyris

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PostSubject: Kyria Lyris    Kyria Lyris  I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2013 6:13 pm

Lyris, Kyria

Life Skills

Player Character
Name: Kyria Lyris
Nickname: Lady Lyric, Ria
Gender: female
Visual Age: 19
Real Age: 146
Personality: Kyria is a very free-spirited person. She can be very restless so is often seen in various parts of the forest. Kyria is very adventurous and doesn't like to be tied down from doing what she wishes to do. Sometimes this can cause her to be quite rebellious and a little bit careless, getting herself into trouble and mischief. With her restlessness comes an impatient streak; she can't stand having to wait somewhere or for something for a long period of time. In this way, Kyria can prove to be quite brave in her ventures. This also shows in her strong protectiveness over the things she loves, whether it be a prized possession, an animal, a family member or a friend, Kyria can be loyal and will always try her best to protect someone. She is also determined and resourceful, always trying to come up with something convenient and never giving up on her endeavors.

Kyria on some occasions can be quite playful, jumping and chasing animals on ground or through the trees or playing with fairies and other nymphs. She tends to be fascinated with unusual things she find and will poke and play with it like a little kid, showing her deep curiosity and fascination with the unique. Along with this side of her Kyria can be nimble when going through the forest and gentle, especially with animals. She usually has a gentle spirit and can be quite hospitable unless she feels threatened by something. Even though she can be quite naive around people or herself, she has a good instinct about certain things. Kyria may be shy at first with meeting people but can adjust to them quickly with her adaptable nature. Overall, Kyria is a happy, strong-minded adeventurous nymph.

Likes: Food, music, animals, adventure, nature, shiny objects, archery

Dislikes: Lightning, closed spaces, death, fighting, mean people, being held back, unfairness
Social Affiliation
Morality: Neutral
Character Type/Race: Forest nymph
Country if Applicable: Gywenneth

Character Statistics

Strength: 1
Speed: 6
Stamina: 6
Charisma: 2
Mental Endurance: 2
Mana Source : 4
Magical Power: 4

Character History
Background: Kyria was born like any other forest nymph; from a tree. How this works is that a seed from a tree of which is the form of another nymph fell off and landed in the forest. From there sprouted the tree from which Kyria would come out of, a willow tree. Once the willow tree was mature enough, the bark peeled back to reveal an already grown, sleeping Kyria. She stepped out of the tree and was left to learn how to care for herself in this world.

After she was born, Kyria had grown to be a very curious person. Humans would often travel through the forest and sometimes leave things behind when they camped. That or Kyria would go snooping around the camp while they slept. She would find a plethora of items which would fascinate her, especially pocket watches.

The fact that kyria didn't know what several things were used for (except for the ones she figured out herself) made her determined to educate herself about humans and civilization and decided to the elves for help. There Kyria established good relations ad became educated in reading, writing, and lots of various types of knowledge. Kyria wanted to educate herself in the ways of the world because after seeing such fascinating objects Kyria had become set on journeying Ansgar. She only spent a year learning some basic things about Ansgar. The rest she wants to learn on her own.
Family History:  N/A

Family Crest: N/A

Family Members: Other nymphs (too many to mention)

Theme Song:
Main Theme
Adventure Theme
Fight Theme


Alternate Profiles: N/A
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PostSubject: Re: Kyria Lyris    Kyria Lyris  I_icon_minitimeMon Jun 10, 2013 6:47 pm

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Kyria Lyris
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