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 Nero Lockheart

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Nero Lockheart

Nero Lockheart

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PostSubject: Nero Lockheart   Nero Lockheart I_icon_minitimeSat Jun 08, 2013 7:07 am

Lockheart, Nero

Life Skills

Player Character
Name: Nero Lockheart
Nickname: Magic Gladiator
Gender: Male
Visual Age: 25
Real Age: ??
Personality: A very focused individual with a strong sense of loyalty to comrades. He tries his best to make two things work together, one could say it was his hobby. He doesn't care whether what he does is good or bad, since that is a trivial matter to him, and makes decisions based on his personal wants.

The need to bring about the best of two worlds has him chasing an ever fleeting dream, to fully combine the sword and the spirit, and not sacrifice the potency of one for the other.

He is not the social type, and prefers to keep his company limited to those he can trust on the battlefield. Too many loose ends can lead to an unraveled rope.

Although he speaks only what is necessary to him, he speaks the most when he speaks the least.


Social Affiliation
MoralityChaotic Neutral
Character Type/Race: Human
Country if Applicable: Gywenneth

Character Statistics

Strength: 5
Speed: 6
Stamina: 5
Charisma: 1
Mental Endurance: 1
Mana Source : 3
Magical Power: 4

Character History
Background: Lockheart is not a family name. It is the chosen identification of a small group of warriors who banded together, leaving their pasts behind and start anew with their own individual goals. This small group is close to a family, as far as guilds go.

Nero abandoned his life as a mere soldier and sought to learn how to wield magic along with the sword, not just side by side, but as one. Though it proved to be difficult as his bloodline hardly had any worth in magic.

That all changed one day when he was dragging his sword across the desert. In the distance, he could see a group of raiders pillaging a small party. Normally this wouldn't concern him, but the sight of a pillar of flame suddenly erupting from the sand had pulled him to help the party.

One of the people he helped happened to be an elven mage. When asked what he wanted as a reward, he jokingly said that he would want to learn the tricks of a mage. Without a second's hesitation, the man blasted him with cold wisp of power. He awoke at night inside a tent in the desert, left there by the man he saved.

Days passed and he could feel a strange energy coursing through his veins. Weeks after the incident, he would accidentally set things ablaze by just looking at them. Lightning shot through his fingers when waving to passers-by. This was not the way to become accepted.

The day he was to be shooed out of the little settlement he found himself in, a group of three individuals hailing from different regions arrived and saw his predicament. When told of the reason why he was being chased out, the spellcaster of the group laughed and offered to help him control his given powers.

Since that day, he traveled with them, learning as they drifted along. Eventually the four of them forged a blood bond and called themselves by the collective name of "Lockheart." Each of them had a designation. Nero's was "Magic Gladiator" because he used both magic and the blade. The three others were Soul Master, their spell caster; Blade Knight, the unrivaled swordsman; and Muse, the beautiful and deadly sharpshooter.

Shortly after this pact, they went their separate ways and each made a promise to meet back at the settlement where they found Nero. While the others sought knowledge, power, and serenity, Nero was left with his desire to fully merge magic with the blade.

Family History: --

Family Crest: Nero Lockheart YBlindness-1

Family Members:
Vahn Lockheart
Lorencia Lockheart
Muren Lockheart

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Nero Lockheart
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